Has anyone else noticed that absolutely everyone (except Eggman, of course) is now voiced by a cast member from Naruto?

Don't believe me?

Sonic = Deidara
Tails and Wave = Sakura
Knuckles and Storm = Zetsu
Amy = Moegi
Cream = Matsuri
Shadow = Kisame
Rouge = Kagero
Vector = Kimimaro
Silver = Iruka
Jet = Tobi
Blaze and the robot who's almost as fun to acknowledge as Multiverseman = Anko

Espio = Pain
Charmy = Ino
Big = Kiba*


Omega = Nagato/Obito

Some of them, like Sonic, Jet, Wave, and especially Shadow, are even obvious. But here, don't just take my word for it, compare for yourself.

thumb|500px|left|It's true

*On a side note, Big The Cat has taken a whole new level in badass, having been voiced by Duke Nukem, and now Kamina from Gurren Lagaan