(NOTE: This story contains original fan-made characters. For more information on these characters, click here)

The Ship’s computers scanned the planet, this was it: Earth
A navigator reported “Sir, we’ve found it!”
A shadowy figure slowly opened his red, glowing eyes (they’ve got to be glowing, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to tell if he opened them or not, and they’ve got to be red, because, c’mon, what other color would they glow)

Westopolis, people working hard to get the city back up again after the “incident
A man climbs down a ladder tells his buddy
“I’m tired. Hey, Chen, get me a newspaper, wouldya?”
Before “Chen” has a chance to move, a blue streak…well, sped by of course, the wind blowing up a newspaper right at the man
“Thanks, Chen”

As Sonic sped through the city, he noticed a large billboard and screeched to a halt
“’Race to See Who’s the Fastest’? Yeah, like he hasn’t tried that plan a gazillion times”
He runs off again until he sees another billboard
“’Free Chili-Dogs’? That has ‘trap’ written all over it”
He zooms away from the large yellow sign, that vandals had spray-painted the word “trap” all over it
As he races along (jeez, how many synonyms of “run” are there?), he sees yet another billboard that is obviously a trap
“’Yuji Naka Signing Autographs’? SWEET!” and he…zooms off…moron

Sonic arrives at the address, a run down old building, with flashing lights around a sign saying “This is not a trap”
“This must be the place!”
Suddenly, a cage falls from the sky and imprisons our blue hero
“What the…”
A chunk of the wall on the building flips on a horizontal plane to reveal a T.V. screen with Eggman’s face on it…upside-down.
“Crap, I knew I put that on wrong. Anyhow…ahem…Hohohohoho, you’ve fallen right into my trap, just as I planned!”
Sonic just smirked as he does so well and often
”Great, just what I needed: my foolhardy, fat foe with frilly facial fur”

A building located somewhere in Station Square bared a large sign saying “TEAM PSYCHOTIX”. The “O” was a smiley face with its tongue sticking out and the “X” was…on the ground.
Zachary, using his amazing eyesight, stood guard and gave a report.
“The ‘X’ fell down again”
Nobody heard, Namesiw was asleep at his desk, talking in his sleep
“Xequalsnegativebeplusminusthesquarerootofbesquaredminusfourayseeovertwoay” (The Quadratic Formula)
Andy and Roy were watching T.V.
“Can’t we watch anything else?” Roy inquired
“No” Andy responded rather quickly
“We now return to ‘The Life of Ants’”the T.V. set announced
Zachary continued to watch when he suddenly spotted something
The Team ran outside to see what Zachary was pointing out…most of the Team, anyway, Namesiw was still inside asleep
Andy’s arm reached inside and yanked him out
Zachary continued pointing out what he saw, a large ship that looked like an upside-down triangle, with triangular wings and a triangular bridge. Using his amazing eyesight, Zachary saw a shadow figure with glowing, red eyes standing at the front of the bridge (amazing eyesight).
“That can’t be good” Namesiw exclaimed
Roy suddenly shouted out “Hey, look! The Ice-Cream Man is here!” ZING

“So, what do you want with me, Eggman?” Sonic asked
“Your speed” Eggman replied, menacingly
“For what? To power another one of your dumb robots?”
Eggman’s face suddenly (a lot of things in this story happen suddenly) turned from serious and threatening to goofy and cartoony
“No, I’m starting a pizza delivery service that ALWAYS delivers in 30 minutes or less!”
A huge mechanical arm came from nowhere and grabbed a large hoop on top of the building and pulled the whole building up to reveal…another building that was somehow larger than the building that was hiding it (don’tya love cartoony effects?)
It had a tall one of those signs on a pole that fast food restaurants usually have, this one showing Eggman in his Eggpod carrying a pizza. It had the words “World’s Fastest Pizza” on it.
“Weird” was all Sonic could say