Next week im buying myself a new sonic game, but as you saw in my last blog post, im not sure which one. i want to get one on the Xbox as the only one i have on that is Sonic 360. These are the ones i am considering

Sonic Adventure (Im a little hesitant to get this one because i have DX on my Gamecube and i found out that metal sonic needs to be unlocked)

Sonic Unleashed (also hesitant as i own it on my Wii, the demo was fun though)

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing (i used to own it on the wii, but i sold it because i wanted to upgrade to the 360 version, as it has Banjo and Metal Sonic on it)

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (my problem with this one is that i wouldnt be getting it for the Sonic Games, but instead for Phantasy Star)

I also must limit how much i spend, i can only spend 20 bucks, as 40 of it is going towards DLC, and i only get 60.

So should i get one of the above games, or put the 20 on my preorder on Sonic Generations, which i have 10 down already