I know they are going to be based off of levels from the classic, dreamcast, and modern eras. I want to know what levels do you want to see?

here are some of mine (includes ones that are already in the game):

Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1)

Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2)

Stardust Speedway (Sonic CD)

Launch Base Zone (Sonic 3)

Sky Sanctuary Zone (Sonic and Knuckles)

Twinkle Park (Sonic Adventure)

Final Egg (Sonic Adventure)

City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)

Radical Highway (Sonic Adventure 2)

Egg Fleet (Sonic Heroes)

Sky Troops (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Wave Ocean (Sonic 360)

Dragon Road (Sonic Unleashed)

Sweet Mountain (Sonic Colors)

As you can tell, 1 from each mainstream game (2 from dreamcast eras