I was watching Screwattack's Top Ten Best and Worst Sonic games, and i wanted to know your own picks. There is one rule: You have to actually have played the game. Dont go on anothers oppionin (Spelling Fail).

Here is mine:


5: Sonic Battle (i love fighting games, and Sonic has been in 3. 1 im not putting on this list because its not really a Sonic game, it just has Sonic in it as a guest. That leaves Sonic Battle and Sonic The Fighters, and between them, Sonic Battle is better. Featuring a fighting engine that combines Powerstone and Super Smash Bros and a fighter you can completely customize, there is a reason that i know people who hate sonic but love this game)

4: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Never played the dreamcast version, but the gamecube port is awsome. Fun and fast levels and an addicting side game in the chao system, and this game has become one of my personal favorites)

3: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (As much as i want to put Sonic 1 in, 2 is just better. Adding the spindash and focusing more on speed made this sequel great, and being compatible with the Sonic and Knuckles cart made it awsome.)

2: Sonic Colors (Unleashed was a very good game, but the nightime levels were not that much fun and on the Wii [the system i played it on] its worse. Colors took everything fun about Unleashed [the daytime levels] and added awsome powerups. And you can play as Super Sonic in 3D)

1: Sonic 3 and Knuckles (What, you shocked that Sonic CD isnt number 1. Its not because i havent played it, its because it really didnt impress me. Sonic 3 and Knuckles was awsome, but let me clarify something: Sonic 3 was not fun, nether was Sonic and Knuckles. But combined with lock on technoligy and they are my favorite game of all time, not just my fav sonic, but of ALL TIME)


5: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [Game Gear] (You suprised to not see Sonic Blast? i havent unlocked in in Sonic Adventure DX, so i havent played it. Sonic 2 on the Game Gear was ok, but its way too hard difficulty made me hate it fast. Its still decent, so i give it 5)

4: Sonic Drift (Sonic Drift was a huge disapointment. I love the sequel, but the origional had some problems with presetation. Recycled locals [which Sonic Drift 2 had] and a roster of only 4 characters made me hate this one)

3: Sonic Spinball [Game Gear] (A pinball game where Sonic is the ball! awsome. unfortunatly, the table was so poorly designed that its almost unplayable)

2: Tails Skypatrol (You know, i feel bad for the Game Gear, all of sonics worst games are on this system. This one is bad because its difficulty makes it border on unplayable. You know a game does not **** around when the training stage is impossible)

1: Sonic Labrynth (This game is just bad. Make a puzzle game without random puzzles and have it star a fast character without any speed and you got a recipie for disaster. This is the Worst Sonic Game of all time. And before you ask, Sonic 360 and Shadow the Hedgehog arent on this list because I actually like those games)