Sonic truths

Many mysteries with our sonic charactors come around. Is there such as sonic generations blast? Is there ulter egos of super Chris? Is the curse of tails doll real. Well these mysteries will be solved. This truth blast is: is there an Ultra Super Eggman?

This question first came in Japan. Some people say that when Eggman is in a robot for a boss, that is his ultra super form. In fact, Eggman is not very physical, for he makes robots to do his jobs. But in one time, Eggman was almost tough to fight sonic with no robots. But at one time, Eggman became Super Eggman. He had the physical strength to be stronger than the Hulk. But what this Utra Super Eggman is Eggman with not just the chaos emeralds, but with the sol emeralds. Eggman has not came to a point when he obtained both emeralds.

In conclusion of sonic truths, this form of eggman is not real and yet another false lie make by some sonic liar.