Tails is a very strange fox, for he has 2 tails. But what warps this is the creation of tails doll. Tails doll only appeared in Sonic R as a realy good charactor. The myth originated from a false and fake prank made by the creators. Funny how the staff made this to scare children, they made tails doll in a way to cause mystery. Then they on purposly made a glitch that when you play in resort island, the game will freeze up every once in a whyle. This only happens with tails doll. Eventually some people took it real, and thought it was magic. The 2 boys killed each other. It became so widespread that sega realised what happened and confessed. But other unplaned events happened. People says that this curse will happen when you play a tune to Sonic R in the dark, tails doll will appear and kill you. Certian videos and photos are fake, but some can be real.

I litterally hired 10 different daredevils, and here are the results:

Test 1: play Sonic R at 12 midnight.

Result: the glitch worked realy good, but tails doll did not come and jump us.

Test 2: play can you feel the sunshine in pitch dark.

Result: We had trouble pluging the keyboard into the bathroom for pitch darkness at night. We played:"can you feel the sunshine." Well, one note was out of tune and incorrect, untill someone played it from his iPod. Result, was someone shined a red lazer pointer to a picture of tails doll to scare us. Good for me, no one can fool me.

Final result: its fake for those 2 ways. But other ways, try it yourself.