So, E3 has revealed a lot of stuff about Super Smash Bros. I don't think I can get all of it in by November. I am trusting everyone, even you, to help out in my userspace. I have some guidelines about it here. Here are the pages you can freely edit in my userspace.

As a contest, I will reward points based on the users' edits.

  • +10 points for fixing typos.
  • +10 points for correcting false information
  • +20 points for citation.
  • +30 points for trivia connecting the subject to Sonic.
  • +40 points for adding screenshots of the subject fighting Sonic.
  • +50 points for adding content.
  • +100 points for news from E3 or Smash Fest.
  • +150 points for an edit that makes it look like a candidate for Featured Articles. (They won't be featured while they're in my userspace. I just want them look good enough for the revote.

And I can take away points from bad edits.

  • -10 points for calling Pokémon "it."
  • -20 points when I revert your edit.
  • -50 points for inserting false information.
  • -60 points for inserting irrelevant information from the subject's series or from Smash 64 and Melee.
  • -100 points for vandalism
  • -200 points for moving articles into mainspace early. They aren't going to be moved until November 24.
  • -300 points for moving them into your mainspace. They are mine.
  • -400 points for writing competing articles.
  • -500 points for creating pages on unconfirmed characters.
  • -600 points for deleting my pages.
  • -700 points for voting early.
  • -800 points for editing user pages that are not characters.
  • -1000 points for blocking me.

What are the prizes? You might win a free T-Shirt and a pre-order of my book The Flying Boy.

So have fun and remember that just because they are in my userspace, doesn't mean you can't edit them.