ive desided on something i will come back and write something every few weeks so ya cool... er... um... uh.... i have nothing else to say.

hello. im here to say stuff about sonic adventure 2 battle... i think. i dont tecknikley HAVE the game. i had it at a time but i gave it to a friend cause i had just got sonic adventure dx but turns out the first adventure game wasnt as fun, but i didnt want to be a jerk and ask for the game back right after giveing it to him so i let him keep i, and after he moves he loses it aw well it WAS his game at that point. its been a few YEARS since then and finnaly i find a copy on e-bay and turns out one of my relitives lives near by the guy who has it, AND hes coming over next week so naturaly i cant wait.

i havent wrote on this page since a week before i got the game so its been a while and to be completely truthfull its the same awsome stuff from when i was a kid, cept that the story took like 13 or so hours yet when i first beat the story it took weeks and weeks and weeks to beat. (i was stuck on canonns core thanks to my not haveing knuckles' air necless) now ive beaten the story, the three boss rush modes, and to many missions to count, yay. is it just me or do games take for-freakin-ever to beat 100%?

do you actully care? coment and tell me to keep going, i WILL keep going till i get 100% AND the three types of chaos chao but its nice to know right?

oh ya you probably dont know about my guide do you? i made a "how to make a special chao chao" (literaly the tittle) guide it tells you how to make diferent types of chao not every i dont think i know of all of them yet but still its cool. so far neither of my chao arnt even close to dyeing so i dont know if it works yet. (well void is a dark chao thats a step right?)