This blog doesn't have much importance other than information. I have been watching commentaries on Sonic games for a while now. They are extremely funny and are done by two people who rock. Their YouTube names are NTom64 (Tom) and FastestThingAlive (Gareth) and together they form HellfireComms. Tom is always the one to record the actual levels and then the two do commentaries on the game. So far, they have done, SA1, SA2, CD, 06, Black Knight, Unleashed, and as of next week, they are starting Sonic Colors. Actually, Tom has already done a solo playvthrough but without Gareth it's a bit boring. What's more is that they have a lot of inside information on SEGA and Sonic. In fact they know as much as us, if not more about everything Sonic. They even already know about Generations and its game play. What's more? Tom is British! After laughing my head off at Gareth's... comments and being so amazed by Tom's knowledge, i am simply making this blog to talk about how awesome their commentaries are.