Hey everybody. Some of you might alredy know that my title and rank as Rollback have been striped. I don't want any bad rumors going around so i'm going to clarify this. I acted rather rude and nasty towards Bullet Francisco because we had a disagreement in the catagorization of a few articles. My loss of position was because i acted poorly and my own actions caused my demotion. I don't want anyone blaming this on Bullet Francisco, Kagi, or anyone else. To be honest, it's not that big of a deal. I never even nominated myself for Rollback. Ironically, I was nominated by Bulllet Francisco for Rollback. I'm not all that into promotions but i don't turn them down so that's how i became Rollback. So it's no big deal and i will continue to edit regularly here on the SNN. Thank you for your time.