I have a quiz for you all! I have made a lot of friends since i joined and i decided to make a quiz about them. The prize for getting all of them right is... i don't really have much of a prize but i could hand draw your fan character. Some of them are paired up. Note this is not in order of favoritism, and is in a random order. Here it is:

1.) This friend recently returned to the wiki. She is the leader of a fan made Sonic game due on Sonic's birthday.

2.) These friends go hand and hand. They both have multiple fan characters and are involved in a new fan made Sonic game.

3.) My very first friend on the wiki who is a technology expert and has a good sense of humor.

4.) This is one of the times where a cat and a dog (sort of) are the best of friends with each other. These two can be found on multiple wikis.

5.) This guy honorably left the wiki after realizing he made a big mistake. Some time before leaving, he had made a group for giving SEGA ideas.

6.) Team Explosive, Go! These two knuckle heads are my best friends here who worked with me in writing the first half of "Who Is Jake The Hedgehog?" They both work hard on the wiki to protect and improve it.

7.) This friend is a bit shy at times but is an awesome artist and can be fun to be around.

8.) My little brothers who joined but barely ever come here.

9.) The author of "Darkness Returns," and a good friend.

10.) Who could be a better friend then yourself? (This one has two answers and either one is correct)

Good luck! ^_^