Due to a recent rule, my old blog is no longer able to be commented on. This will suffice as a replacement.

As some of you may already know, i have returned recently. It has come to my attention that there are many new users here. I would like to get to know you guys better so i can get used to being here again. But first, a bit about me:

  • I've been here for over a year (not counting my absense)
  • I have been rollback here before.
  • I own 4 fan characters (2 of which were given to me by my former team mates).
  • I know how to do some coding on wikis.
  • I can & have made userboxes. So far: UserboxVocaloid & JakeUserbox
  • I'm very friendly and don't bite. Well, maybe. Only if you taste like sushi!
  • I'm very busy because i'm currently taking an online math course. I should be done by early September.
  • I can be extremely random and comical at times. But i can also be wise and responsible when needed.
  • I have 1 day and 24 minutes worth of Sonic music (707 songs).
  • I enjoy anime and J-Pop (specifically Vocaloid).
  • Due to a bet that i lost, i am supposedly now a brony.
  • I have a weekly poll for voting on a different type of music to be featured on my user page every week. Be sure to vote each Monday!
  • My catch phrase is: That's Just How I Roll!

Now tell me a bit about yourself. ^_^