Okay, those of you who are already in my Round Table story, i have something to say. I'm reseting the characters because i did a bit more research. It turns out some of you may not still want the character you chose. Please visit this website, and click on any character you want to know about. When you know 100% that you want to be that character, announce it on the blog. The weapons you've chosen will remain the same. Here is the website i'm using for the story. Please note that we do not have to follow the story completely. I can extend how long someone will live or change who is in which parts of the story. Which brings me to my next question. Who shall be Guinivere? I thought it's only fair to have you guys decide. Keep in mind that Guinivere had many affairs with Lancelot but was married to King Arthur. I'm thinking Rouge or even Sally. As for the identity of Sir Mordred, that is yet to be revealed. The following is a list of the cast, their counterparts, and weapons an that will be updated as you announce who you are going to be. Also, this is up to you: Should we ride horses or not? Finally, you are welcome to join as long as i know you.

King Arthur- Sonic- Excalibur

Queen Guinevere- TBD- None

4 votes for Rouge

1 votes for Sally

Sir Lancelot- Shadow- Arondight

Sir Gawain- Knuckles- Galatine

Sir Percival- Blaze- Laevatein

Sir Galahad- Silver- TBD

Sir Lamorak- Jet- Precieuse

Sir Mordred- TBA- TBD

Sir Lionel- Jake- Morglay


Sir Bors- Fly- Flaming Kopie

Sir Gareth- Francisco- Chyrsayor (And Bull The Crow)


Sir Le Bel Desconneu- Sandra- Altachiara

Sir Safir- Alter- Gringolet

Sir Kay- Mikee the Echidna- Rubious

Sir Bedivere- Lightning- Solais Rapier


Sir Lucan- Cesar- TBD

2 votes for horse riding