Okay, so something interesting happened to me today. I normally am driven home by my friend but today, he couldn't drive me. So i went on the bus. I was bored so i started playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on my iphone. Then, the Kindergarden kids came on the bus. 2 of them sat across from me and 1 sat next to me. The 1st boy asked what i was playing. I responded "You don't know who Sonic the Hedgehog is?" He replied "Oh yea, my mom has that game." He asked if he could play it. The 2nd boy and the girl wanted to play as well. I let them take turns on my iphone playing Sonic. They all really seamed to enjoy it. But then, the second boy asked "How do i stop the fat guy in the drill car?" I already knew he was talking about Eggman in his Drill Eggman. I told him that he had to jump on him to destroy the car. Then i asked "Do you know you the fox is following Sonic?" The boy said he didn't. I said "His name is Tails. His name is Tails because he has 2 tails and can use them to fly. He's Sonic's best friend." The boy said he was cool. After they children were all gone (I'm the last stop) i thought about everything that happened... These kids barely knew who Sonic was. Is it possible that all of Sonic's old 2D games will be forgotten? Games like Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and TV series like Sonic SatAM a memory of the past? What do you think?