In the early day's of the making of "Sonic the Hedgehog" Yuji Naka and the Original sega team was d

Rabbit sonic

this is 2 of the original sonic the bunny illustrations.

eciding on what character to use for the game; their were several sketches including a bulldog, a bunny, a armidillo and a hedgehog. They went with the bunny at first, he had most of the same moves as our sonic did except he could pick up enemy's with his ears and throw them. Yuji Naka and the team had a hard time programing the move sets so they had to choose a different character. They chose between the armidillo and the hedgehog and they chose the hedgehog because it was the most easy to program and thus in 1991 the famous blue hedgehog was released beating mario in popularity just as Yuji Naka and Sega Team had hoped for. Twords the end of the "Genesis" era a game called "Ristar the Shooting Star" came out and the main character featured move sets such as stretching his arms picking up enemy's and throwing just like sonic was supposed to however it never hit off with the sega saturn just being released.