Hello everybody, today im talking about my fan character! I have not made posted any pictures of her yet ( I will soon upload them though!) Her name is Marina, her species is a Sea Dragon. She like swimming, her computer, and Sonic (like a role model). She is very nice. She was born in Dragon Kindom, But then moved to Seaside Hill. She love to hang out with friends, she also love to swim, In fact she spends a lot of her time in the water. Because of this she is friends with sea and land animals, such as Orcas,Dolphins, and Sea Snakes ( Heck yea!) She is nine right now. When she first heard of sonic she was four and ever since then she wants to be like him. The first time she actually met Sonic was in Seaside Hill in 2011 ( when she was 7)She has had a lot of adventures, she loves telling them to her friends and animal friends. She has two pets one being a baby dragon name Applecore he loves apples, and Sonic Boom ( sb for short) who is a baby Griffin. Well I hope you like her. post a comment saying if you may like her or really hate her character. :3 goooooddddbbbbyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!