Hello people! Today I willl be Talking about probably the most hated character, Silver The Hedgehog!. He is really inpopular for these reasons, but I will be saying why hating him is really dumb. ( just rememeber these are my reasons why hating him is dumb, oh yeah haters of Silver GET OUT OF HERE NOW) Now, lets get started!

  • Because he was in Sonic 06 - Okay fanboys, stop hating him because he was in Sonic 06, You do notice that in Sonic Generations, the boss is MUCH better and he is in other games too!
  • His voice is annoying - I don't think his voice is annoing,In fact I LOVE his voice its awesome.
  • He is Slow - Two words...... Telekinsis Option                                                                                                            Okay thats all the reasons I can think of. Tell in the comments If you love a hated character,or If you know a reason why haters hate Silver. Okay now gooooooddddbbbbyyyyeeeeee.                            
    Silver statue

    love this guy. :3