This is, as the title states, my third sprite comic on the wiki. Not to mention the third I've made in my life. I was planning on making this my last in the series, but due to positive comments on the first two, I'm extending the series.

This is the sequel to my previous comic. If you have not read it, click here and here, and comment on the second comic, unless it hasn't been commented on in thirty days. Otherwise, you won't understand what is going on.

Sonic Comic 3

Just in case you're confused, the sprite in the last panel is the Tails Doll (I didn't put in the orb, as mine is supposed to be unique :P).

I'm tired of giving credit, but thanks to:

Daniel Sidney (for ripping Sonic sprites, Tails sprites, Knuckles sprites, and Charmy sprites)

Chaos X3 (for making Espio sprites)

Dark Burraki (for Vector Sprites)

Froggy Mudd (for Amy sprites)

My next door neighbor (for the Tails Doll sprite).

Please leave feedback! I don't care if you say "haha" or "Great comic" or "This sucks!" I just need feedback.

WalkShadowunleashed13"I am...none of me..." Walk 13:05, August 20, 2012 (UTC)

P.S. If you need a mind stretcher, I'm thinking of giving my comic series a name, since I'm extending it. You can provide me with a suitable name I can use for the next one, if you really have to comment.

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