As the title suggests, the name of my comic series is officially "Debug Mode". NomadMusik submitted the only names, and as I couldn't think of anything better, this title won!

Unlike the last two posts, I'm not posting links to the previous comics; you guys are smart enough to find them yourselves. Enjoy!

Sonic Comic 4

I'm tired of giving credit, but these guys worked hard to make this comic:



and I

I'm just kidding, here are the sprite credits:

Daniel Sidney (for Sonic sprites, Tails sprites, Knuckles sprites, and Charmy sprites)

Chaos X3 (for Espio sprites)

Dark Burraki (for Vector sprites)

Froggy Mudd (for Amy sprites)

CyberShadow (for Metal Sonic sprites)

Scrap (for Emerl sprites)

and SONIC NEWS NETWORK (for Sonic 1 badnik sprites).

Please leave feedback! I don't care if you say "haha" or "Great comic" or "This sucks!" I just need feedback.

WalkShadowunleashed13"I am...none of me..." Walk 13:05, August 20, 2012 (UTC)

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