Last week several Sonic Boom posters were leaked onto the internet. Speculation was rife as to the authenticity of these posters, but today TSSZ News posted a story stating a source "with knowledge of plans for Sonic Boom" confirmed that the unknown character in the first of the posters is indeed intended to be in Sonic Boom. The character's name and species are still unknown, but the source affirmed that the character would appear in both the video game and the television series.

But there was one more thing the source revealed:

Here is what else we have learned: Our source has also told TSSZ that Shadow the Hedgehog will be a part of the Sonic Boom universe. Further, we have learned there will be minimal changes to his design, and his personality. We do not know the scope of Shadow’s role in Boom, either on the TV or game side.

You heard it right, Shadow the Hedgehog in the Sonic Boom universe. More news is due at E3 (June 10-12), so stay tuned until then!