Last night, the upcoming game Sonic Lost World somehow made it onto the streets of Spain. Several gameplay videos were quickly posted online, but most were taken down or made private. But one brave and fearless YouTube channel by the noble name of "wiiugp" heroically overcame all odds in order to bring hope, joy, and spoilers to mankind. The video contains playthroughs of the first three acts of Windy Hill, three cutscenes (two of which are new to the public), and a sneak peek at Sonic Lost World's Bonus Stages. First new cutscene at 10:19 and second new cutscene at 13:59. Bonus Stage at 21:39.

Impresiones Sonic Lost World Wii U Español HD33:00

Impresiones Sonic Lost World Wii U Español HD

For any of you who want rough English translations of the new cutscenes:

Cutscene 1

Amy: Oooh, do not be sad, buddy! Sonic and Tails will save your friends. Sonic! You managed to rescue these animals?

Sonic: Um, only the container that Eggman was pulling with his Eggmobile.

Knuckles: Wait…! Only one? Ha…how tacky! I would’ve already have saved them all!

Amy: Save the others! Oh, I can't even imagine what Eggman will be doing.

Sonic: Leave it to me!

Cutscene 2

Part 1

Eggman - Transformation 101. From animal to Badnik! Boom! An instant army. I need a huge army if I intend to conquer the world.

Zavok - I see you are ​​a conqueror...

Eggman - Yes, hehe ... The truth is yes. I conquered you. Did I not? And, with your help, I will not only conquer the world but destroy this blue nuisance forever!

Part 2

Zavok - Eggman wants to destroy that hedgehog.

Zazz - *laughter* Go, go...! Yes! I want to destroy something!

Zavok - That's what I like about you, Zazz. Always ready to fight ... Of course you wonder who you're up against.

Zazz - Hehehe! How do you know?! Tell me who and where and I'll smash!

Zavok - Win or not, I will learn something new from our enemy.

I don't know about you, but I like this game enough already. What do you guys think? Comment below!