The Sonic Stadium uncovered comments from artists Keith Erickson and Arvin Bautista describing their work on a handheld port of Sonic Riders for the Gameboy Advance. At the time, both artists were employed by Backbone Entertainment, the developers of Sonic Rivals.

Erickson included a brief description of his work on the game:

We were doing a GBA port of Sonic Riders for Sega USA on a pretty tight schedule, and when Sega of Japan saw the game and insisted we add some 3D to it, but still keep the same production schedule, Sega USA canned it.(we were using an Out-Run style game engine) There was no way we could re-write the engine and add all the features necessary and still have it on store shelves the same time as all the other ports. Still, Sega liked what we did before they killed it, and it got us some more work with them.

No other details have been found, but we'd still like to thank Shadtzer of the Sonic Stadium for bringing this information to light.