So this handsome fella was in the running for featured user tonight. It was a tough race, but in the end he managed to pull ahead in a nail-biting victory of 1-0. The following impromptu completely expected interview is as follows.

The featured user of the month is

Q #0: So how do you feel about becoming featured user?

A #0: I am glad and honored that the community has selected me to be featured on the main page for an entire month. My thanks to SNN!

Q #1: How do you view your work on the wiki? Is it important to you? Why do you do it?

A #1: I think my work helps viewers find pages more appealing and clean. For my behind-the-scenes edits, I help make the wiki more organized and simple. IMO every constructive edit is important, so I do believe my work is important. I do it because I have the skills for it. Sometimes I think "If I won't, who will?"

Q #2: What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

A #2: Well, the Emerald Awards is one. I love doing that every month. My project on Voice Actors is definitely my greatest editing achievement. I brought a standard to pages without one. But, I still love the fact I made a Video game page (Sonic Jump (2012))

Q #3: What would you like to see in the wiki's future?

A #3: I want to see more users, an environment that anyone can edit in, and an administration that talks to each other before making any decision. The key to the future is new users. If we don't have them, we only have ourselves. I am seeing less users edit the main-space and that worries me. We take pride in our main-space and we need to keep it that way. We also keep having issues at the admin level. If they are going to make key decisions in the future, they need to have great communication and understanding with each other. I see other admin teams do it, why not ours?

Q #4: How do you feel Sonic will fare in 2015?

A #4:Hit or miss really. The TV show is going strong, we just need the games to back it up. I hope Sega doesn't make the same mistake again. If the movie comes out this year, It better be decent because if it's not then we got our hands full.

Q #5: Speaking of the TV show, what are your thoughts on it?

A #5: You can't judge a book by its cover. Sure most of the internet thinks Sega is crazy with the new designs (I personally like them), but the writing is good, the animation is what I expected, and for the 1st time I think the voice acting is spot on (except Amy). Millions of kids watch it and it's on top of the Sat-Am shows for kids (I just made 2 sonic puns unintentionally).

Q #6: What's your history with Sonic? How did you discover the blue blur?

A #6: Good story actually: I got the PS2 when I was 7 and I got the "Sega Genesis collection" with it. The 1st game on the list was Sonic 1, so naturally me and my sibling played that one the most. We could never get past Marble Zone. My parents would later get me Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders. I had no idea how to play neither of them (remember, I was 7). After several years I forgot about sonic until I got Brawl. Sonic is still my favorite player. I would later buy Sonic 1 again and beat it (along with Sonic 2 and 3). Fun fact: I found Silver after reading one of the 'Sonic the Comic' online comics.

Q #7: What do you like to do in your free time aside from being on SNN?

A #7: Music, Scouts, and TF2. I have played the piano since the 1st grade and the organ since 5th. I want to be and organist someday. I am working towards getting my eagle scout, which is the highest rank in scouting. I also am going on a trek in New Mexico this year. I also play Team Fortress 2 allot. My favorite class is demoman, but I am the best at medic. I also love most sports, which is weird because of my intelligence :P

Q #8: Hunt's or Heinz?

A #8: Fancy Ketchup

Q #9: Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch?

A #9: Corn Chips

Q #10: Any last thoughts? What do you want to say to the community?

A #10: I think people need to know their bounds. People are questioning bans allot these days. I don't think, unless they have user rights, they have no right to question a ban. We also need to look at editing problems besides designs or visual stuff. I am glad though I came back. The internet is a lonely place, but here I feel like I'm back home. <3

That's a wrap!

P.S. - This isn't meant to replace or improve upon the current FU interview. I just felt Silver needed a shoutout for all the useful work he does on the wiki (believe me, it's more than you see at a glance). He won't have a chance at the Featured User poll due to his editcount, so he got the next best thing. ^_^