Today is my one-year "wikiversary". Three hundred sixty-five days ago, I clicked the "Sign Up" button at the top right of my computer screen, created a Wiki account, and made my first edit on the Sonic News Network. I just wanted to edit the mainspace a bit and meet a few "fellow Sonic fans".

As of today, I have over 13,600 edits (about half of which are mainspace, last time I checked). I was granted administrator rights by the community a month ago. I have made a few friends and many more acquaintances. And I have met more than my fair share of "Sonic fans".

Pretty cool, huh?

From what I can see, there is nothing special about an anniversary or a birthday. It is nothing but a milestone. And even when you're dead, your birthday is still there. Even when you're gone, the anniversaries keep coming. My wikiversary will always be there; I don't work to make it happen. So why should I celebrate this milestones? Well, I think Sonic Generations gives us an answer: it's a time to sit down and remember what led up this rather insignificant but truly emotional moment. But it wasn't really the moments that led up to this day: it was the people.

So let us remember. :)

And as you do, I'll thank some of you who changed my life in the time here.

Thank you, Sacor, for giving me my first edit war and my first warning from an administrator. (I was right after all! XDXDXD) And for being the first to read my sprite comics. And for the sandvich.

Thank you, Spyro, for being the first to check my editcount when I first entered the Sonic News Network chat room. Thanks for all the intellectually stimulating conversations, too.

Thank you, Bullet, for opposing me.

Thank you, Sonamyfan666, for your friendship. Thanks for showing me that even the most unlikely sources can make a difference in one's life.

Thank you, Metal, for... um... I don't know what to call it; I dunno if there's a word in the dictionary that describes you.

Thank you, Glitch, for teaching me how to abuse user rights. :D

Thank you, Tinka, for your attitude. Even when everybody else seemed gloomy, you always lit up chat with a hyperactive joyful frenzy. You rubbed off on me and made me realize that bad circumstances are no excuse for me not to be happy. You made a bigger impact on me than anyone else on this wiki; you have no idea how much your attitude changed my life.

Thank you, Silver, for your conscience. You caused me to start thinking twice before considering whether something was the right thing to do, and by your own conscience you strengthened mine.

Thank you, Solace, for your honesty. Even when everyone else thought you were mature because you used words that weren't in the average eighth-grader's vocabulary, I remember you for different reasons. You were the "almost perfect user" to some, and you were the one I competed with and failed to surpass. You were the one who would express his emotions online and cause my brain to think what it had never thought before. You were one of my best friends (and you still are), who despite your bias pointed out my flaws in the one scenario I wouldn’t want you to, and who snapped me out of my state of arrogance: I'm not perfect. Oh, and your spelling is still brtoken (yoo mispekk akk wrods in teh ditoinery).

Thank you, Blue, for being my first real friend on this wiki (I still remember that day on the wiki more than any other). Thanks for your help, your motivation, your companionship, and your presence (and your YouTube links). Thanks for always greeting me with an "SU! o/" whenever you saw me on chat. You're someone I can talk to no matter the situation. We edited together, chatted together, and matured together. Thank you.

And I thank God for allowing this experience to be possible in the first place. He took an addiction and turned it into a time that would mature me and change my life forever.

Thanks, guys.

Sonic Colors "Reach for the Stars" Full Main Theme04:06

Sonic Colors "Reach for the Stars" Full Main Theme