The votes are in, and here are your Emerald Awards winners for June 2014:

  • Administrator of the Month: Murphyshane
  • Chat Moderator of the Month: Glitchguy
  • Rollback of the Month: Ultrasonic9000
  • Editor of the Month: Sesn
  • Social User of the Month: BlueFlameTheAman
  • Blog of the Month: BlueFlameTheAman (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC!!)
  • Comic of the Month: Murphyshane (Metal Gear Sonic)
  • New User of the Month: JennyDelight
  • Joker of the Month: Slug-Drones
  • Sol Awards: Krazy Company (given by BlueSpeeder)

I'd also like to offer my sincerest apologies for the mistakes made in the polls, including the excluding of Le Solace and Toxice from the Rollback of the Month.

As a reminder, it's never too late to give someone a Sol Award. Congratulations to all of our winners, and we will see you again for the July Emerald Awards!

On a side note, I'll be gone to China (not telling the specific reason publicly) from July 3rd through July 13th. A bit nervous about the trip, but also rather excited. ^^