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  • Shan the Hedgehog

    I was wondering if someone could tell me when Sonic Gnerations will come out on the Canadian PS Store?

    I want to know the price as well...

    I know the game is already on the UK PS Store (probably all of EU) for 32 pounds so I am hoping it will appear on the Canadian Store so I could get that and Sonic CD at the same time!

    Thanks in advance!!

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  • Shan the Hedgehog

    Hey guys, once again I have something very odd for you guys...

    So, TSSZNEWS and

    Sonic Paradise are saying that there is a Collector's Edition that, so far, has only been spotted for pre-order in Spain. For now, the 3DS version will only have a normal edition.

    When you go to Xtralife and search "Sonic", you'll find Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics 3DS and Wii, Sonic Generations PS3, Xbox 360, and 3DS versions, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Colors DS and Wii, and the Collector's Editions of Sonic Generations.

    Well, Sonic Paradise even said that this looks exactly like the Fan-made box-arts. I think Xtralife is just using this as a placeholder, and once SEGA announces the actual thing, and shows the actual box-art, Xtralife will replace it. …

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  • Shan the Hedgehog

    Sorry, but I just had to do this...

    Stage list:

  • Green Hill Zone</li></li>

    • Chemical Plant Zone</li></li>
    • Sky Sanctuary Zone</li></li>
    • Speed Highway</li></li>
    • City Escape</li></li>
    • Seaside Hill</li></li>
    • Crisis City</li></li>
    • Rooftop Run</li></li>
    • Planet Wisp

      Boss 'Fights''':

      </li> </li>

    • Metal Sonic</li></li>
    • Shadow</li></li>
    • Silver</li></li>
    • "Death Egg"</li></li>
    • Perfect Chaos</li></li>
    • Egg Dragoon</li></li>
    • Boss: Last Boss-(Time Eater) (That's just what the file calls it.) </li>



        • Mission 1: Sonic Ghost (beat the time attack ghost)</li></li>


    • Mission 2: Beaton (that's the fish badniks)</li></li></li></li>
    • Mission 3: Vs Knuckles</li></li></li></li>
    • Mission 4: Swings (likely involving the Green Hill swings) </li></li></li></li>
    • Mis…

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  • Shan the Hedgehog

    During a Spanish interview with a Sega Mexico rep, some interesting things were revealed...

    First, Sega Mexico said that there will be a new Sonic Storybook game! He said that it's a trilogy, even though there are only 2 games in the sub-series; exact words, "No, it'll be a trilogy, just you wait..."

    Second, he said there will be a new entry in the SUPERSTARS series!

    Third, the rep talked about bonus stages for Sonic Generations. We know about the DLC stage Casino Night, and the Sonic Heroes-style special stages on the 3DS, but he talked about something different. When asked about the 3DS special stages, he seemingly hinted at special stages for the console. "I can't comment anymore than saying it can't be Classic Sonic without Bonus Levels..."…

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  • Shan the Hedgehog

    Hey Guys! You won't believe what I have here! For A Proper Article, Go HERE! Remember, this is only for the console versions.


    • Green Hill (Sonic 1)
    • Chemical Plant (Sonic 2)
    • Sky Sanctuary (S3&K)
    • Speed Highway (SA1)
    • City Escape (SA2)
    • Seaside Hill (Heroes)
    • Crisis City (2006)
    • Rooftop Run (Unleashed)
    • Planet Wisp (Colors)


    • Casino Night Zone (S2)


    • Classic Era Rival Fight: Metal Sonic
    • Dreamcast Era Rival Fight: Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Modern HD Era Rival Fight: Silver the Hedgehog
    • Classic Era Boss: “Death Egg”
    • Dreamcast Era Boss: Perfect Chaos
    • Modern HD Era Boss: Egg Dragoon
    • Final Boss: “Time Eater”

    It has also been confimed that there will be 7 acts, 1 played as Classic, 1 as Generic, 1 as both (it's unknown how this will work), 2 Cl…

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