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  • Green Hill (Sonic 1)
  • Chemical Plant (Sonic 2)
  • Sky Sanctuary (S3&K)
  • Speed Highway (SA1)
  • City Escape (SA2)
  • Seaside Hill (Heroes)
  • Crisis City (2006)
  • Rooftop Run (Unleashed)
  • Planet Wisp (Colors)


  • Casino Night Zone (S2)


  • Classic Era Rival Fight: Metal Sonic
  • Dreamcast Era Rival Fight: Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Modern HD Era Rival Fight: Silver the Hedgehog
  • Classic Era Boss: “Death Egg”
  • Dreamcast Era Boss: Perfect Chaos
  • Modern HD Era Boss: Egg Dragoon
  • Final Boss: “Time Eater”

It has also been confimed that there will be 7 acts, 1 played as Classic, 1 as Generic, 1 as both (it's unknown how this will work), 2 Classic Missions, and 2 Generic acts.

There will be a Sega Genesis emulator, allowing players to play the original 16 bit games.

Classic Super Sonic and Modern Knuckles models were uncovered as well.

Green Hill, City Escape, Seaside Hill, Rooftop Run level selects were found.

Note: Those Powerups include the Skateboard Classic Sonic uses in City Escape. It also includes Wisp Power-ups. The ones with Japanese on them read, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Espio, Charmy, Vector, and Blaze. The original speed shoes power-up and the one-hit green shield, lightning shield, bubble shield, and the fire shield return. There are unknown power-ups with the Chaos Emeralds on them, one with a slashed clock, and one that includes a ring and a motobug.</p>