What you may need to know

As you all know the whole thing on the Ken Penders lawsuit so I'm not going to talk about it. Anyway we all know that Ian Flynn had to change the comics a lot due to the whole thing. I've heard of what Ian Flynn does, and he plans more then a year of the comics ahead of time. So he had to change the story a lot which I feel really bad for him. :Anyway Archie actually could've used Ken Pender's characters but they would have to ask for his permission which is a steaming pile of crap. Due to legal reasons he wasn't allowed to even share the summary of the original Endagered Species. A variant cover that a fan had originally made had to be altered to take Penders' characters out. 

What Ian is doing now

Ian stated he will be revealing the original stories. Including Mecha Sally's fate,the end of the King Naugus arc, both versions of Endangered Species, the original plan to go to #300, Hershey's role!!!! Its not certain if it will be revealed in his blog or actually releasing as the Lost Hedgehog Tales. To read the whole story copy and paste this to your search bar-

What I think

That is really cool and maybe he'll even start a seperate series by himself with the original plans for the comic. Post your opinions below. Thanks for reading!!!