So I have a lot of ideas for Super Smash Bros 4. Some of these characters might have a chance to be in the game and some might not. Some of these are 3rd Party characters and I know that Smash Bros has a shortage of 3rd Party but I don't care because these are my ideas. Btw some art in here is fan art and is not their official looks. Also thank you for all the ideas and corrections, anyway just keep telling me more and more and i'll add and add. To see the official game either go to the Super Smash Bros 4 Website,Super Mario Wiki,Smash Wiki, or my other blog-Super Smash Bros. 4: The Real Story. Also characters that I have mentioned can be Assist Trophies too so yeah...

Playable Characters


You could play as your own Mii. You would be an all around character. 

Move Ideas:







Making Blocks Appear(Like New Super Mario Bros U)

Mario Series

Waluigi 6

Waluigi #1

Waluigi would make a really cool character to join the battle. I mean he was hinted to be in the game as a playable character. He was also Hacked many many many times and was an Assist Trophy. Waluigi would be a perfect new character and could be either a rival or villian. I think if they added Waluigi in the game, I would team him up with Wario and fight the Mario Bros.

Moves Ideas:

Throwing 3 Bob-ombs

Planting Piranha Plants(He's immue to their attacks)

Hitting with Tennis Rackets

Ridng Chain Chomps



Toad would be an interesting character to play as in Smash Bros. He already has many palette swap ideas. He could have some cool attacks in the game. Also Toad would still be Peach's special move just he is also playable.

Moves Ideas:

Jet Pack Propeller Mushroom

Cat Bell

Palette Swap Ideas:









Birdo could have a unique move set that mostly involves eggs and her mouth. She could also be paired up with Yoshi to bring down opponents with egg involved attacks. Move Ideas:

Shooting Eggs


Bowserjr MP9-250px

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. could be a really cool character. His moves would be very different from Bowser. He could be also paired with Bowser to bring down opponents.

Move Ideas:

Shell Spin

Paintbrush Attack

Throwing Koopa Shells

Final Smash Idea:

I got this idea from SonicToast, it involves Jr. calling the Koopalings, but also Koopa Kid and the Red,Blue,and Green Koopa Kids to attack.

Donkey Kong Series
Dixie kong 01

Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong could support the DK Crew and also bring up the Girl roster for Super Smash Bros. She has a really good chance due to her returning in the upcoming Donkey Kong game; Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. She could be a really cool character in the new game. 

Move Ideas:

Spinning with Hair

K. Rool

King K. Rool

Like females, there is not a lot of bad guys in the Smash Bros. roster. So King K. Rool could help represent the baddies and also the Donkey Kong Series.

Move Ideas:



Wario Series


Mona Joins the Fight

Mona could be a playable character and join Wario. She could use her animals help her in attacks. Like Assist Trophies, but can only be used for her. She would bring up the girl roster and also help out Wario.

Moves Ideas:

4.1 and 4.2 Attack

Mona's Elephant Attacks

Mona's Bear Attacks

Mona's Pig Attacks

Mona's Bear Attacks.


Captain Syrup

Captian Syrup is unique because she is a villain and girl. She would help bring up both rosters. 

Moves Ideas:


Star Fox Series



I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the Star Fox series but Krystal could be part of it and also hit people with that pole thing. Like you can see, i'm not a fan. Anyway she could also I guess bring up the girl roster.

Moves Ideas:

Hitting people with that pole

Shooting with a gun

Metroid Series

Okay this guy was originallty going to be in Brawl as a playable but instead got turned into a boss with an awesome opening cutscene. I don't really know what Ridley does even though I love the Metroid Games so anyone who wants to give me like ideas for his and any other characters move set tell me. Also tell me the same for the items and stages below. 

===Kirby Series

Prince Fluffbig

Mr. Game and Watch your not alone anymore. Someone with a 2-D look could join the roster. 

Move Ideas:

Yarn Based attacks

3RD Party Characters


I know what your all saying now, oh Banjo's part of the Xbox now so he can't be in Super Smash Bros, blah. So what, umm I pretty sure Rare could let him join the battle, he could have revenge on Diddy Kong for selling him to Microsoft so Diddy could make a few extra bucks, okay that didn't happen but I can imagine. So yeah he could join 

Moves Ideas:

Wondering Act

Conker Artwork - Conker's Bad Fur Day

We all know this drunk little squirrel, yeah its Conker. The same thing happened to him that happened to Banjo. They could have guns but make them like the Donkey Kong 64 guns and be fruit based or Nintendo could decide to let real guns join the Battle.

Moves Ideas:

Shooting you in your flippin' face!!!


No this is not Skylanders! This is actual Spyro the freaking dragon. Before I got interested in Mario and Sonic. I played Spyro all the time when I was a kid. I had an old Nintendo Gamecube and had a Spyro and Winnie the Pooh game, I'm surprised I didn't find out about Mario until years later...

Moves Ideas:

Shooting Fire

Shooting Ice

Shooting Bubbles

Shooting Electricity


Theres one place where I played video games besides my dad's house and thats my cousin's house. He had these awesome Crash Bandicoot games for his Playstation and I still didn't know about Sonic or Mario. So I grew up with Crash and Spyro. Now I play Mario and Sonic. Actually I played a bunch of Donkey Kong and didn't realize that was Mario also my dad would always play Mario at his friend's house.

Moves Ideas:


Throwing Boxes

Setting Exploding Boxes


Okay now I'm just dreaming, yeah Playstation could be nice and let Nintendo use these two in Super Smash Bros. It'd be awesome. This game could be bringing in different characters from different companies and have them fight each other.

Moves Ideas:

I don't know hitting with blasters?!


I use to suck at Pac Man and now I am the boss. I love this little guy just dont' take him too seriously. I heard Casper got on his bad side, no wonder we haven't seen him in a while.

Moves Ideas: Dash(I forgot but he did dash in this one Wii game I have, Its like called Namco Party or something) Punch Kick Call Upon Ghosts to Attack

Final Smash Idea:

Turn every opponent blue with white eyes and mouth then eating them and having them come back for like 30 seconds.


This guy is awesome!!!!

Moves Ideas:

Bomberman could throw bombs duh, in the name!!!!

Palette Swap Ideas:

Black Bomberman

Shadow New


He was already an Assist Trophy in Brawl so why don't we add him in the next game. Also since I am most familuar to the Sonic Series, I will be adding a few Sonic characters even though 3rd Party is not going to be a huge thing in SSB4. So anyway lets move on to Shadow.

Moves Ideas:

Chaos Control

Chaos Spear

Chaos Blast

Super Speed

Spin Dash

Spin Attack

Final Smash Idea:

Now we wouldn't want Shadow's final smash to be a ripoff of Sonic's so how about Shadow takes how his Inhibitor Rings and attacks.


Metal Sonic

All Living Things kneel before your master. Yes I would love to see Metal Sonic beat up characters. It would be awesome!!!!!

Moves Ideas:

Chest Laser

Rocket Speed

Black Shield

Copy Cat 

V. Maximum Overdrive

Final Smash Idea:

Either Metal could transform into that stupid dragon thing(Metal Overlord) or Metal Sonic Kai.

Trailers for Characters Ideas

Mii-Mario,Donkey Kong,Link,and Kirby are all playing the Wii(New Super Mario Bros. U) when you see the Wii U Controller. All of a sudden Mii shows up and attacks the players while they are playing. Then it shows all the characters attacking Mii but it manages to get away. It then says Mii joins Me. It shows gameplay of different Miis and then Mario and Mii go head to head... It shows the game titles.

Waluigi(Luigi's announcement to return also)-Mario and Bowser are fighting in an arena when bombs are thrown at them. They run away but Piranha Plants grow in their paths. All of a sudden Waluigi jumps in and takes out two tennis rackets and attacks them. It shows gameplay of Waluigi overpowering everyone and then a shadow can be seen running around. Waluigi gets a bomb and tennis racket when Luigi appears. And attacks him.The battle is even until Luigi grabs a Smash Ball and the screen turns black and goes to the game titles.

Toad-Mario is fighting Donkey Kong,Link,and Kirby. They decide to gang up on him and are defeating him. He is about to be taken down when Toad appears and attacks the three. Donkey Kong tries to punch him but he is too fast. Link and Kirby also try to defeat him but he uses a jetpack to get away. Mario jumps to him and they fly off. It then shows gameplay of fighting everyone. Then it shows Bowser's shadow behind him. He looks scared and Bowser roars... It shows the game titles.

Birdo(Yoshi's announcement to return also)-It starts with the so far cast all fighting each other. They all seem to be even when Yoshi appears and attacks everyone. Yoshi seems to get the upper hand, when Birdo appears and attacks him. It shows gameplay in different stages of Birdo and Yoshi fighting. But Birdo manages to defeat Yoshi. Then Yoshi jumps up and the two stare as the others get ready to fight. It shows the game titles.

Bowser Jr.-Bowser is fighting Mario,Link,and Samus. A sinister laugh is heard. Bowser Jr. appears in the Koopa Clown Car and attacks everyone. Gameplay is show of him going head to head with everyone. Then Bowser pats him on his shoulder but he jumps up and attacks Bowser. It shows the game titles.

Dixie Kong(Diddy's announcement to return also)- Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are finished defeating the pirates and they get a letter. Donkey Kong runs and Diddy tries to keep up. A Dixie's hand is show picking up the letter. Later Diddy and Donkey are taking on Mario and Mega Man. Dixie shows up and defeats them both. Donkey,Diddy,and Dixie all team up and it shows gameplay of them defeating the so far cast.It shows the game titles. After that they are sitting on their opponents KO'D bodies eating bananas.

King K. Rool's Trailer-Donkey Kong and Mario have teamed up taking on the opponents. No opponents can stop them, until King K. Rool shows up and challenges Donkey Kong. King and Kong battle in different


Propeller Block



Wii U

Mario Series

Bob-omb Battlefield-Contains a Chain Chomp as a hazard Acorn Plains-Waddlewings appear as hazards

Good Egg Galaxy Starting Planet-Octoomba are hazards


Mario Series Whomp Fortress-King Whomp is a hazard, only when going to the top of the stage though

Forest of Illusion-

Assist Trophies

King/Big Bob-omb-Picks up opponets and throws them. Dreamy Luigi-Calls apon hundreds of Luigis and they make a huge ball that he stands on and rolls around. Ms. Pac Man


Online/World Wide Multiplayer-

Can take pictures during game-