So just wanna say Issues 55-58 of Sonic Universe take place at the same time as Sonic the Hedgehog 252. Here are my ideas anyway and tell me what you think in the comments.

Issue 252

"At All Costs" Part 2-Sonic says What did you and then the panel turns white. Sonic yells "The Genesis Wave!" and Tails wonders.Sonic and Tails see that they are in New Mobotropolis and Eggman is close in his Egg Mobile. All of a sudden a guard shows up and tells Sonic that Team Freedom and several others have been kidnapped by a monster and a team on strange looking flying machines.  Sonic and Tails ask where they are and Eggman says that they are all in the Mystic Ruins with a Legionizing fate. Sonic and Tails jump at him but the Tails Doll appears and blasts them. The Tails Doll comes so close to attacking them but is kicked away by Sally! Sonic and Tails jump up and hug Sally asking her how she got deroboticized and she says Nicole and Uncle Chuck helped her. Sonic,Tails,and Sally attack the Tails Doll, but it turns huge. They fight it, then the ground starts breaking and cracking. Sonic and Tails are shakened, as Sally is picked up by the Tails Doll. Sonic and Tails use the Rolling Combo and defeat the Tails Doll. They see as New Mobotropolis breaks apart. Eggman gets a call saying that several Freedom Fighters have escaped, Eggman says to send the Metal Series against them as he flees to get to the Death Egg Mark ll in the Arctic.Sonic,Tails,and Sally prepare to leave New Mobotropolis for the Mystic Ruins, but in a dark area of New Mobotropolis, Naugus has been healed and Gefforey's hand can be seen and him muttering the words "evil king,stop him". Naugus sees that Sonic is back and attacks him. Sonic,Tails,and Sally take on Ixis Naugus and manage to stop him.Guards take Naugus' Chaos Emerald and give it to Sonic while they take Naugus away to a special holding cell.Sonic,Tails,and Sally ride the Tornado and see that the world is breaking apart,Sonic says that once they save their friends, they will find out what is happening. Later when they are flying over the beginning of the Mystic Ruins they get shot at by a missile and Sally falls out of the Tornado.

Issue 253

"Countdown to Chaos" Part 1- The issue begins with Sally falling off the Tornado, Sonic says that they have to save Sally and find where the missile came from. Sally hits lands on a tree branch and it breaks and she rolls down a hill into a river. She is surprisenly not injured and no damage to her clothes. She yells that she is safe and for Sonic and Tails to move on and she will meet them later.

Issue 254

Issue 255

Issue 256

Issue 257

Issue 258