This is an idea for a new Sonic game. The game is called Sonic and the Search for Freedom. The game has a combination of things based on many old and new Sonic games. Each character has their own help character(s) that change their gameplay in any level. For example Sonic has the wisps to help him. The game would be for the Wii U. Each character has their own set of bosses and enemies to each stage.


Sonic's Story- Sonic is see searching around Green Hill. He recalls not seeing several of his friends for quite some time and has gotten worried. Sonic is greeted by a Flicky with a letter in its mouth. He opens it and finds out that the a zeti that was a former member of the Deadly Six(then Deadly Seven) wanted revenge on Sonic for his allies' defeat. Sonic laughs and is ready for the challenge. Sonic then sees a dark storm that consumes Green Hill. He knows that his new enemy will be a worthy opponet. He then runs off. He encounters an alien which he presumes is from the Zeti's home planet which he had learned about in the events of Sonic Lost World(off screen). After a battle with the monster Sonic finds a map that leads to where the Zeti is. He is about to run off but finds an Egg Capsule. Like old times he hits it and finds his long lost friend Mighty the Armadillo. Sonic is overjoyed to see him and Mighty reveals he was sent back to Eggman's prison camp after fighting Metal Sonic. Then a monster attacked it, look over it's robot factories and sent him to Green Hill. 

Tails' Story- Tails and his Mecha Pup(from Tails Adventure) are on the Tornado traveling to Westside Island to relax.  When they get to Wood Zone, the Great Battle Kukku and Wendy Witchcart appear demanding revenge on Tails for the encounters they had years ago. Tails flees with his Mecha Pup. Later he encounters Focke Wulf. The two then battle. Tails manages to defeat him and leaves for the Apple Mountains. (He planned to go there anyway after being in Westside Island). But the Great Battle Kukku and Wendy Witchcart get their armies and follow.

Knuckles' Story-

Amy's Story-

Shadow's Story-

Omega's Story- 

Silver's Story-

Blaze's Story-

Dr. Eggman's Story- A mysterious intruder has broken into Eggman's base and turned most of his robots against him. He escapes with Cubot and Orbot barely in his Egg Mobile.  Eggman is seeing wearing a huge mechanic braclet that he says will have a robot or few appear to him. He escapes to a place called Seaside Valley located near the coast. But the mysterious intruder that took over his base sends robots to kill Eggman. Eggman with help from his robots manages to destroy the robots and finds a mech called the Egg Boss. Eggman fights it and suceeds in destroying it. He gets a message that the intruder will keep sending robots until he is dead. Eggman doesn't care and will get his Empire back no matter what. Eggman plans on getting several weapons from different areas before he gets his city back. Later in Chemical Sanctuary he encounters Sonic. Eggman and Sonic fight only for it to be a close stand still. Eggman tells Sonic he's not out to cause harm and he's trying to get his base back. Sonic is skeptic first but then tells Eggman he'll be around if he needs help. 

Metal Sonic's Story- "Come in Metal Sonic. Several of your fellow robots have rebelled. Track them down and if they don't go quietly, destroy them! Metal Sonic reports for his mission and goes to the DeathEgg Ruins, where he finds Silver Sonic. Metal Sonic tells Sliver Sonic to come with him but it attacks him. The two battle and since Metal Sonic is newer, he is able to destroy the robot with ease.

Chaotix's Story-

Jet's Story- Final Story-

Levels and Bosses


Green Hill (Zeti Bull)

Chemical Sanctuary

Seaside Valley


Wood Zone (Focke Wolf)

Apple Mountains(Bearenger)


Angel Island 


Tutorial- Twinkle Park

New Westopolis



Tutorial-Metropolis Zone

Crazy Egg 

Chemical Sanctuary



Dr. Eggman:

Tutorial- Eggmanland

Sky Escape

Seaside Valley

Chemical Sanctuary

Windy City

Metal Sonic:


DeathEgg Ruins


Tutorial-Isolated Island

Speed Slider

Jet: Metal City

Final Story:


Character Help

The character you are playing as can get help from other characters to complete levels. And at some points you can or have to play as these characters. But they are not allowed to help in boss battles.

Sonic has a few friends that aid him. They are "unlocked" to help him after a certain level.