Now everyone is saying Sonic 06 sucks. Well I don't think it sucks. There are at least 3 reasons everyone hates it. The Gameplay,Story,and Elise kissing Sonic. Well lets here my opinion. Please don't start a war because of this.


I know that all the glitches set people to hating the game but if you know that the glitches are going to happen then I'm sure you can probably find a way to avoid all of them. I mean seriously people. Some of the gameplay is just like Sonic Adventure and I'm sure you all did well in Sonic Adventure. Moving on...


Well people say the story is really stupid. Umm I don't, I think its a pretty cool story. They have different point of views and the story adds up well. I mean at first I didn't get how Blaze got in the future with Silver. But come on the story did add some pretty cool characters.


Cool Character #1

Mephiles the Dark(2006)

Cool Character #2

Elise kissing Sonic:

Get over it, who cares. You didn't freak out when that one princess kissed a frog. Gosh immaturity people.