Hey guys ShavicShadic12 here! I know only a few people on this website actually watch my YouTube videos,but I need a place to talk about it. First off videos won't be uploaded for a while because my computer is acting strange. But that doesn't stop me from working on my new stop motion series-Sonic Heroes of the Emeralds! I know my original series was HORRIBLE. But this time I'm actually working on it. I'm working on the script then I'll make the stop motion,then I'll  add the animation. After that I'll add the voice acting and the series will start. So stay tuned to my channel for more.

"Teaser Images"

Episode 1 Things

Episode 1 is going to take a while to upload, I'm working as hard as I can,but It feels like I'm missing things and I'm really stressed. I feel I need to complete things to make myself famous on Youtube. Ugh I need to just stop getting stressed and work slowly and take my time.

What I've Got:

  • Episode Script is about 1/3 done (9/28/13)
  • Episode Script is complete
  • Episode will start being made in awhile I need to build the city and make time (10/12/13)