Hey everyone! The first Sonic Lost Adventures story is here! This will hopefully kickstart my series'. I'm planning on having several for everyone to read. If you don't know about the series go to the blog that states its about Sonic Stories. It is 2 blogs before this one. Anyway the "template" on how I make these stories will probably change over time. Also I'll be holding a "master blog" for each story with everything about the characters. There will be a few "chapters" to each story every once in awhile. Some "chapters" seem longer then others but

Sonic Lost Adventures #1

Story- The Grand Beginning

Eggman is up in the Death Egg laughing. He has all 7 Chaos Emeralds and has a whole army of robots. He has his Space Armada helping him to make sure Sonic couldn't get in the way. BOOM! One of the ships burst. Super Sonic and 2 Rockets emerge from the smoke. (Tail's rockets from Sonic 4 and Sonic the Fighters.) Eggman is jawdropped. He has all his cannons lock on Sonic and fire. They do and Sonic is thrown backwards. Tails' rocket beams energy at him. (We then see a flashback of Tails,Knuckles,Sonic,Amy,and Mecha Pup(the robot from Tails Adventure) on Angel Island by the Master Emerald and the two rockets. Knuckles says he called in the rest of his team to watch the Master Emerald. Tails hooks up two devices which he says will send a small amount of energy in case they need it. Tails hooks a small device to Mecha Pup, so he will be stronger incase he needs to defend Tails' rocket. While Knuckles defends the other piloted by Amy. Just as they take off Sonic jumps on the Master Emerald and goes Super. They fly off just as shadows that look like Knuckles in a way show up. While they are going Amy questions not having more support but Sonic replys that they don't want to worry anyone. But G.U.N.,the Chaotix,and a few other groups of heroes know about it.) Sonic gets better and flies on to the Death Egg while the two rockets take on the armada. Sonic easily makes his way through the attacks,while the others are having trouble. Super Sonic busts into the Death Egg. He flies and spins and smashes his way to a huge room. Eggman appears and presses a button which traps him in a bubble like substance. Sonic tries his best to get out of it,but it just holds him back. Eggman laughs and tells Sonic that the world will be his and laughs about finally winning. He states the Chaos Emeralds will power a machine which will turn all life into machine and any machine will turn into his minion. He can't come up with a name though. Sonic yells and creates a Sonic Boom that bursts the buble. He flies at Eggman,but is throw back by a force field. Eggman tells Sonic its too late and tells Orbot to fire the machine. Conebot and Cubot open up the Death Egg at the bottom via codes. The canon comes out of it and Eggman yells behold the true power of the Death Egg 1.3! Sonic gets an idea, he rips open the floor,breaks tubes and obsorbs the energy. He turns into Hyper Sonic. He teleports to the planet just as the energy beam from the Death Egg fires. Sonic flies to the surface and puts all his energy into his speed. He flies right into the beam and goes through it. The Death Egg gets almost completely destroyed. Sonic sees his shoes have turned into robotic shoes. He takes them off to avoid Eggman somehow controlling his feet. The team then destroys the armada and most of the Death Egg's remains. Soilders and some badniks escape via Egg Rockets and escape shuttles. Eggman declares it was only a setback and not many things were on the Death. He takes his 3 lackeys and travels home in the Egg Rocket. We see everyone partying later at Tails' place. Sonic states that he has more then one pair of shoes and puts on some new ones. Everyone laughs and Knuckles asks where are the Chaos Emeralds. Amy says they are all back in the Special Zone like usual. Eggman notices Sonic's shoes floating while in the Egg Rocket and laughs maniacally.

First Appearences






Mecha Pup


Angel Island guarders(shadows)




Buzz Bomber


Egg Pawn

Egg Fighter

Aero Cannon



Cop Speeder


Super Sonic (transformation)

Hyper Sonic(transformation)


Death Egg(1.3)

Egg Armada

Tails' Rockets

Chaos Emeralds

Master Emerald

Egg Rocket


Death Egg Zone(glimpse)

Angel Island


The broken moon and Space Colony Ark are in the backround. 

The Egg Armada is based on the one from Sonic Unleashed

The Death Egg is referred to as the Death Egg 1.3, meaning that the original/Generations (1.0), the one from Sonic 3 and Knuckles (1.1),and the one from Sonic Battle (1.2)all appeared.