Here is another Sonic story. Sorry it took so long to get another done I've been super busy and I'm trying to get some stories down for the other series'. So anyway if you don't know what I'm trying to accomplish here go to the blog I have titled Upcoming Sonic Stories. Also go to the first story and stay tuned for other "chapters" in the Sonic Series and some for Mario,Mega Man,and Super Smash Bros. There will also be a "master blog" for each series that has everything you need to know about the series. Note the series will have the wtf moments and that can't happen well this is my series so things that wouldn't normally happen will happen.

Sonic Lost Adventures #2

Story- Trouble in the Ruins

Big the Cat has not been on an adventure in awhile. He resides in the Mystic Ruins with his friend Froggy. One day Big was fishing. All of a sudden a machine fell to the ground. Big recognized it as an Egg Mobile. He looks at it and a robot emerges. The robot tries to send a signal out to Scratch, no,Coconuts,no. Maybe the EggNet,no. Big asks whats wrong and the robot replies its not answering to a possible spy. Big says what spy and Grounder(the robot) looks at him. A tree all a sudden falls and hits Big in the head. He says ouch and Grounder laughs.Big starts laughing too. Later at Big's hut, the two are sitting down talking. Grounder talks about how everyone calls him dumb and it makes him mad. Big says his friends would never do that and Ground smiles. Grounder asks Big if they can be friends. Big says that they already are which makes him smile even more. Grounder says they'll be friends forever. Its silent for 2 seconds when a loud booming noise is made. Big,Froggy,and Grounder run and see an Egg Carrier and robots destroying wildlife while animals flee. A native group of caimans try to defend their homes with spears but are defeated and thrown in Egg Capsules. Some soilders surrender and Eggman,Scratch,and Coconuts step out of the Egg Carrier and gets the Egg Soldiers to join him. Some caiman soldiers try fighting but they are eventually defeated.Eggman says they will either join him,die,or be roboticized. Grounder runs and aks what are they doing. Eggman tells Grounder that he sent distress calls and land targets to them. He says it was a mistake but Eggman says it doesn't matter. He then wonders why he never had tried to make a full base in the ruins. He says the Final Egg area will be good enough. Big runs out of the cover and asks Grounder whats happening. Ground stutters" I... uhh. I.. but.. I..". Big has a sad look just as robots surrond him. He punches and spindashes through the robots. Big is taking out most of the robots and defeating Egg Soldiers but more and more show up. Eggman takes out a  laser and shoots Big with it.He tells the robots to knock him out so he can be roboticized. But before that can happen Sonic appears and takes down a bunch of soldiers and robots. He punches and kicks and spins. He lands with half of the robots destroyed. Sonic gives Big some power rings and says he's lucky that he was coming to visit. Big gets up and they fight. Sonic doesn't notice the surrendered caimans and Egg Capsules being loaded on the Egg Carrier. A bunch of other soldiers that weren't captured continue to fight. Big and Sonic defeat almost all the Egg Soldiers and robots. Eggman reveals a spike wrecking ball from his Egg Mobile and fights them while Scratch and Coconuts shoot them with lasers(the lasers from Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Lost World). Big sees Grounder looking worried, but continues fighting. Grounder manages to send a fake distress call making it look like its from the Egg Carrier. Eggman says of course the badniks his direction and flees. Scratch and Coconuts flee in an Egg Mobile telling Grounder to get the other one. Grounder tells Big what he did to save him and says goodbye. Big then remembers the Caiman Tribe and they ask Grounder for aride. He says no and that he'll be dismantled by Eggman if he helps but Sonic spins on his head and he flies off. Grounder tries to attack but Big holds him back. Grounder says they were never friends and Big hacked him and he would never be nice. On Sonic, he gets into the Egg Carrier and sees caiman with egg soldier suits and a few roboticized. Eggman asks the rest which choice do they choose, as Sonic jumps in and saves the remaining Caiman. They steal an Egg Jet and Sonic flies off barely escaping the roboticized soldiers. Sonic asks why did some of them team up with Eggman. One of the caiman says if their people surrenders they have to do what the person they surrendered to tells him to. Sonic sighs and asks about the others in the Egg Capsules and they say that some surrendered and others were roboticized. They land safely as  Big has defeated Grounder. Sonic says goodjob to him and Big says yay. Sonic tells the caiman Eggman will be back because he doesn't quit that easily. One soldier suggests them forming a Freedom Fighter group as the other soldiers on the battle field before surround them. Sonic says its a good idea but they'll need more members. The caiman(his name is Kai) asks Big if he'll join and Big says yes. Sonic asks if there are more soldiers back in their home and says yes. Kai says they will need training as a monkey appears saying he will join the group to protect his home. He says his name is Bryce and he'll train the team them because he is professional in all forms of martial arts. Big then says "Uhh don't we need more team members"? Bryce says he has a few friends that can join the team. Sonic says "Alright Mystic Ruins Freedom Fighters, be prepared! I'll be back to confirm you as an official FF team later!" Bryce waves as Sonic zooms away. Later at a river Bryce introduces his friends to Big and Kai. Kai says he's glad they were able to get as many soldiers back to his home as possible and he'll be apart of a team. All of a sudden an ant appears. He speaks like a drill sargent and asks Bryce whats all the comotion. He says they are forming a Freedom Figher group. The Army Ant named  Andy pulls out a gernade and throws it causing a tree to fall over. Bryce sighs when Andy says he's part of the group now as a River Dolphin leaps out of the water and flips back in. She asks Bryce if she can join. He says she (her name is Doris) can use her spy skills to spy on the army because the Final Egg Area is close to a river. Bryce's friends appear a tree frog named Freddy,an anteater named Alyssa, a toucan name Tyrone, a jaguar name Jorge, a sloth named Catherine,an iguana named Stewart, a speckaled bear named Jules, a cabybara named Louis,a parrot named Xavier,and a oppossum named Melissa join the team. 2 weeks later we see the base in Final Egg being completed with an Anaconda laughing.

First Appearences


Big the Cat





Caiman Tribe

Kai the Caiman

Bryce the Spider Monkey

Andy the Army Ant

Doris Dolphin

Freddy Tree Frog

Alyssa Anteater

Tyrone the Toucan

Jorge the Jaguar

Catherine the Sloth

Stewart the Iguana

Jules the Bear

Louis Cabybara

Xavier the Parrot

Melissa the Opossum

Mystic Ruins Freedom Fighters-Big,Kai,Bryce,Andy,Doris,Freddy,Alyssa,Tyrone,Jorge,Catherine,Stewart,Jules,Louis,Xavier,Melissa

Mystic Ruins Eggman Empire Group in Final Egg Area(Foreshadowed) Unnamed Anaconda(leader of the army)


Egg Mobile

Egg Carrier


Lasers(Sonic Adventure and Sonic Lost World designs)


Mystic Ruins