I have a lot of ideas for a new Sonic Tv series. It would bind together things from the games,comics(others),tv shows, and fan fiction. Each episode would be 30 minutes long and the name of the series would be Sonic's Adventures. So here are my ideas. More Ideas Coming Soon...

List of Main Characters



Game Apdations

Characters Indroduced in the Show

Conebot-Based off of a very very minor character that appeared in Sonic Universe 37's Off Panel.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1

"The Beginning" It starts with "Sonic" and "Tails" on the Tornado riding to "Green Hill Zone". Dr. Eggman releases Metal Sonic 2.1 after Sonic and Tails.Minutes later on Green Hill,Sonic is running through a shuffle loop when he hears Tails yell. Sonic runs and sees Tails using his Energy Cannon to blast a Metal Sonic. Sonic spins into the robot and checks to see if Tails is okay. The two turn and are ready to take down Metal Sonic. They use the Rolling Combo on Metal Sonic, but Metal Sonic uses the Black Shield. The two try to take town Metal Sonic using different attacks but it keeps using its shield. Sonic tells Tails to get the Tornado ready to blow up Metal Sonic, but Tails says that Metal Sonic has damaged it and it might take some time to fix it. Sonic says to go fix it while he deals with Metal Sonic.Sonic and Metal Sonic's attacks seem to be even blow for blow. Sonic still can't take down the Black Shield so he decides to find a shield somewhere in Green Hill. He finds one on a tree and breaks it to take the shield, but Metal Sonic takes the tree down then lets it go sending Sonic flying. Sonic lands on spikes but the shield protects him. Sonic sees Spinball Mountain(from Sonic Spinball) and the entrance to the labyrinths(from Sonic Labyrinth). Sonic remembers his experiences in Flash Backs even meeting Hippie and Hoppie. Sonic then runs back to Metal Sonic using the Super Peel Out. Sonic and Metal Sonic begin to race and Metal Sonic uses the Chest Laser,V. Maximum Overdrive,and Black Shield to try to slow Sonic down. Sonic then Boosts away while Metal Sonic follows behind. Metal Sonic tells Sonic that ever single time they've ment Metal has gotten stronger through its models and this time he is unstoppable. Sonic teleports away using Star Posts, but Metal Sonic takes a Super Ring(Goal Ring) to teleport to Sonic. Metal Sonic flies behind him and slashes Sonic and he falls.Metal Sonic prepares to deliver the final blow but Tails in the Tornado blows up Metal Sonic with a missile. Sonic gets up and he and Tails fist pump and see shadows off several people.

First Appearences


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Dr. Julian Ivo Eggman Robotnik Kintobor







Metal Sonic 2.1

Hippie and Hoppie(Kangaroos from Sonic Spinball)

South Island Freedom Fighters(Shadows)


Green Hill Zone

Eggman's Base

Machines/Vehicles and Items:


Energy Cannon


Star Posts

Super Ring

Episode 2

"Mecha Rematch"-Knuckles is sitting by the Master Emerald peacefully with a speedy blue flash passes him. He thinks its Sonic and knows when Sonic is around danger is near. Knuckles uses the Master Emerald to create a shield of Chaos Energy to keep everyone away from it. He runs off. Knuckles then finds Mecha Sonic causing chaos in Sky Sanctuary Zone. Knuckles attacks him and the two fight.

First Appearences



Mecha Sonic


Angel Island

Sky Sancutary Zone

Machines/Vehicles and Items:

Master Emerald

Chaos Energy Shield