First off I haven't had the time to work with my online story series. Anyway I'm gonna try to start these blog posts for each upcoming Lets Talk Super Smash Bros 4 on my YouTube channel. I want your opinions for each topic. Anyway like the title suggests this is about Cut Characters for the upcoming game. Comment your opinions down below.

Maybe No Cuts At All

Sakurai said himself he was surprised on how many characters he was able to add in Melee and Brawl, so maybe he won't have to cut anyone from the roster. But as we know of, he doesn't know how many characters they can cram into the 3DS cartridge.

Melee Veterans

I am almost certain that if Sakurai has to cut characters,he probably won't cut the Melee characters that made it into Brawl. But like I say we'll just have to wait and see what Sakurai has to say and when the game come's out.

Cut Characters Could Be Turned into Assist Trophies

I'm sure that if Sakurai will cut any characters he'll probably put them as Assist, maybe. Hopefully..

Possible Cut Characters


Snake is the most likely cut character. I know that he does have a lot of fans and he originated on a Nintendo console,Konami and Nintendo haven't worked on a Metal Gear game. They did re-release a game for the 3DS but thats it. Also his creator said that he probably won't return. But maybe Snake will appear in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2, if they make it. I mean Battle Royale was Sony's Smash Bros so maybe they'll take Snake.


R.O.B. is one of those gag characters that you wouldn't expect in a fighting game. Really any game at all. He was originally an NES accessory. But he also appeared in Mario Kart DS so maybe he's popular enough to return in Smash 4. Really for all the possible cuts,they could go either way. If fact I really liked R.O.B.'s appearence in Smash Bros. He was really cool and he's a robot. Come on everyone likes robots.

Mr. Game and Watch (Mr. G&W)

Mr. G&W was really weird. He wasn't as weird as R.O.B. since he was in the Game and Watch games, but not many really used him. In fact, I hate to say it. But I hated him in Brawl. Especially against someone playing at him online. You wouldn't even have to be good at Smash to troll people with him. But he is kind of popular and was in both Melee and Brawl so he might return. 

Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus probably won't get cut. One reason is Samus' final smash is the same. But maybe Samus doesn't turn into her after using the Final Smash. It's unknown but another reason helping her is an early Smash 4 drawing had her in it. Also Mr. G&W and Meta Knight so they might return. 

Wolf &/or Falco.

Wolf was a wild card in Brawl. He was kind of a clone of Fox. He was a little different. Falco was a character in Melee and a little more iconic. But he was more of a clone then Wolf was. It doesn't help that all three Star Fox characters have the same Final Smash even though Wolf doesn't even own a landmaster. So if either of them or both of them return. One of them should use the arwing.

Meta Knight

Competitive Smash players hated Meta Knight in Brawl so much that he was banned from tournaments. But not everyone is a competitive smash player and Meta Knight is a popular character. So he will most likely return, probably just get nerfed a litle.


Lucas is a clone of Ness. Nuff said. If Sakurai plans to cut a Mother character, he's cutting Lucas because Ness is the original 12.

More on this discussion later.