There is a possibility that Super Smash Bros 4 is coming out at the end of Spring! When the Nintendo Direct for February 2014 was about to play it said that the games to be released were at the latest the end of spring. So that could mean it could be released in May or June alongside Mario Kart 8. That would be great, because it would come out on time for my birthday. But I don't think the game would be finished so I actually think it should come out around Christmas. They seem to need a little more time to announce the characters and other info because Sakurai is doing it different this time as we all know. We've got 10 months until June so if a veteran and newcomer(from the Nintendo Dtrects) were announced montly it would be perfect! (But maybe he's got almost everything programmed into the game.So thats why it might be released at the end of Spring and maybe he'll announce 2 newcomers and 2 veterans a month until its released)  Hopefully that is Sakurai's plan because I'd rather have a completed game at Christmas then a unfinished game early. What do you think, feel free to post your opinions below.

Speaking of Super Smash Bros 4, I just released a new video about it.I've been working on it all weekend. Check it out it you want. 

Lets Talk SSB4 The Legend of Zelda09:49

Lets Talk SSB4 The Legend of Zelda