A few months ago I posted Newcomer predictions for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Well its time again for me to attempt to predict the full roster for Super Smash Bros 4,please take a look!



Mario,Donkey Kong,Yoshi,Pikachu,Kirby,Samus,Fox,Link,Luigi,Ness,Captain Falcon,and Jigglypuff


Peach,Zelda,Sheik,Bowser,Marth,Ice Climbers, Mr. Game and Watch,Ganondorf,Falco,and Mewtwo


Pit,Zero Suit Samus,Meta Knight,Wario,Charizard(Pokemon Trainer),Lucas,Sonic,Lucario,Toon Link,Olimar&Pikmin,Ike,Dedede,Diddy Kong, R.O.B.,and Wolf



Villager,Mega Man,WIi Fit Trainer,Rosalina&Luma,Little Mac,Greninja,Mii Fighters,Palutena,and Pac Man

My Predictions

Before I go into my predictions I just wanted to say that these are my opinions and if you don't like them, tell me your opinions. 


Bowser Jr(Mario)

Krystal(Star Fox)

Shulk(Xenoblade Chronicles)

Chrom(Fire Emblem)

Issac(Golden Sun)

King K. Rool or Dixie Kong(Donkey Kong)

Ghiriham or Tetra(The Legend of Zelda)

Chorus Men(Rhythm Heaven)


Takamaru(Nazo no Murasame-jo)

Ridley Debate

Woah woah woah But Shavic, Ridley has already been confirmed as a boss, But Shavic Ridley is too big. Yeah yeah yeah I've heard it all before,but before you call me a fanboy. I don't care if Ridley is not a playable character, I'd say okay if he was a boss. But there is a chance that there's a little more story to Ridley in Smash Bros. And here's my argument to how Ridley possibly be playable. First just saying yeah Ridley is a highly requested character. Sakurai has made numerous hints that he is only a boss hazard. Well what if it was Ridley, but with the Other M look. I know people have stated that before but I found it interesting. Well what if when you play as Ridley(Brawl Design), "Roidley" doesn't appear. Simple just like Toon Link in Spirit Tracks with Alfonzo. Now that's a little stretch but anything is possible "cough Wii Fit Trainer cough". Now Ridley's moveset is also basically given to him, just take from the Brawl boss, had a few more moves and there you have a new playable character.Also Meta Ridley as a palette, or maybe the Ridley in Pyrosphere is Meta Ridley. But Meta Ridley can be a bos and skin swap at the same time just like Olimar's Final Smash is an item as well as his final smash.But all the Ridley haters will probably still bombarde me with hate so let the bomarding(your opinions on the matter, which I'm cool with) comense!

Assist Trophies

Coming Soon...