Hi everyone! This might sound strange but for 2 years I've been working on stories about Sonic,Mario,MegaMan,and Smash Bros. I will be posting them on this wiki. Down below there will be details about them. Also stories previously posted are not canon for these, they were sort of "Beta" stories.

All Stories

The stories won't be animations or comics, they will be stories to read. They will be ment to put a picture in everyone who reads head. So it will probably be a different picture for everyone.

Fan Characters welcome if requested. 

Earlier Games  for each series (except Mega Man) will be spinoffs or prequels.

Might include elements from actual continunity. 

I will probably post pictures of new or redesigned characters.

For most of the stories, characters might already know new characters, so the new characters origins will be in the prequels.

Few stories for each titles every once in a while. 

If the story gets confusing, fan theories are allowed and might be used, i'll ask for permission to use to make the stories less confusing. 

Notes for Sonic

Animals and Humans live in cities and towns, ect. but don't start relationships or interbreed. (gross i know)

Items from Games will be used-Extreme Gear,Cars,Planes,Other Vehicles, Tennis Gear,ect. 

Eggman Empire- One badnik of each type will have one mini boss leader for it. Some animals and humans actually like his ways and live and work for him. Each base from any game has a leader with weapons and items, ect from that base/game. Each base has an opposing group,army,team,hero, ect. 


This weekend it is the 21 of February 2014, I will be posting several of the stories so tune in!