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    So because I heard about the new info about Project Sonic 2017 (and because I just got home from work and have some time to kill before I go to bed) I decided to think up and post just about every possible question about this new character that's scheduled to debut in the game.

    • insert Yakety Sax music for amusement*


    1. Who is this new character?

    2. What is this new character?

    3. Is it a boy?

    4. Is it a girl?

    5. Are they a hero?

    6. Are they a villain?

    7. Are they neutral in terms of alignment?

    8. Are they neutral in terms of morality?

    9. Will they be a villain who will see the light and become a hero (similar to Shadow or Merlina)?

    10. Or will they be a hero who …

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  • SierraSia

    Okay, so I have this idea for a spider character in mind, but there's just one tiny problem... I can't decide on a body for spiders! O.o

    So that is why I'm asking anyone who see this to please pick which body shape you think is better for a mobian spider and put your vote in the poll below. I want to get as many votes as a possibly can. More information is detailed in this link:

    I thank anyone in advance for taking the time to voting, it is very much appreciated. And any other feedback is also welcomed.

    Thank you all again and have a nice day.

    Witch Design do you think better fits a Modian Spider?

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    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
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  • SierraSia

    Help with a Design, Please!

    November 30, 2015 by SierraSia

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a nice day and had a great Thanksgiving. I know I don't make that many edits on this wiki, but I would greatly appreciate it if any of you lovely folks would lend me your opinions. See, I want to design a mobian rooster but had different ideas for the design on the head. Specifically, the red skin part of a rooster. I made three different designs for it, but the people I asked about it so far are split on all three. So I decided to put up links to the designs on this blog and have a poll so you can vote. And if you have any critiques or notes that you would like to share in the comments, they are all welcomed and appreciated! :)

    This first image is of the design I'll call the "Bearded Design" since …

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