So because I heard about the new info about Project Sonic 2017 (and because I just got home from work and have some time to kill before I go to bed) I decided to think up and post just about every possible question about this new character that's scheduled to debut in the game.

  • insert Yakety Sax music for amusement*


1. Who is this new character?

2. What is this new character?

3. Is it a boy?

4. Is it a girl?

5. Are they a hero?

6. Are they a villain?

7. Are they neutral in terms of alignment?

8. Are they neutral in terms of morality?

9. Will they be a villain who will see the light and become a hero (similar to Shadow or Merlina)?

10. Or will they be a hero who will fall into villainy?

11. Will they be loved and remembered (like Shadow and Blaze)?

12. Or will they be hated or forgotten (kinda like Marine or Silver)?

13. What species is this character be?

14. Are they human?

15. Or they a anthromanthropomorphic animal? ('cause not counting Chip or Sticks from the Boom series, I think the last animal character we got in the main universe was Silver back in '06)

16. Will they be some new kind of species we've never known about before (like the Deadly Six)?

17. Where did this character come from?

18. Were they always present in the world but for some reason got caught into this game's story by chance (kinda like Cream or Big)?

19. Or were they sealed away or put to slumber for one reason or another and now re-awakening (kinda like Chaos or Shadow)?

20. Since Classic Sonic is involved in this game there's a possibility that time travel might play a part in this story, so did this character from another time period?

21. If so which time period?

22. Did they come from the future?

23. Or did they come from the past?

24. Why is this new character being introduced?

25. What purpose will this new character serve?

26. Will they be an essential part of the plot?

27. Or will they be part of the story, but won't hold that much purpose in progressing it?

28. There's also news that a new game mechanic will be added to the gameplay, so is this new character involved with said mechanic?

29. Also the past three anniversary games gave focus on a new hedgehog character (and yes I count Classic Sonic since it wasn't establish that there even was a Classic version before Sonic Generations), so does that mean this new character will be a hedgehog too?

30. How is this character connected to Project 2017's plot?

31. Did they stumble upon this situation by accident?

32. Or are they part of the cause of whatever problem is in the game?

33. If that's the case, then why?

34. And are they pulling the string behind Eggman's actions in the game?

35. Or are they willingly by Eggman's side?

36. Or are they being control/abused by Eggman in some way?

37. And if they are doing one of the previous three questions, then what's the purpose?

38. Is it to gain power or conquer over something?

39. Is it a more tragic reason they made the new character think this was the only option they had?

40. And if they're helping Sonic or just against Eggman, then why do they start fighting back now?

41. Or if they're on the neutral side, then what keeps them neutral instead of choosing whether to help Sonic or Eggman?

42. Either way, how would they fight or help either side?

43. Do they have unique powers of their own?

44. Or do they not have any special powers and just happen to be normal?

45. And if they do have powers, then how strong is this new character?

46. Would they be considered deity-levels of strong?

47. So far we have the sun god Solaris (Sonic 06), the goddess of dreams Illumina (Sonic Shuffle), a dark and light duo of essentially Earth deities (Sonic Unleashed), and Chaos who is considered the "god of destruction" (Sonic Adventure), so will this character be another deity-like being as well?

48. What will this character's personality be like?

49. Will they be a serious character?

50. Will they be a silly character?

51. Will they be middle of the road?

52. Will they prefer to stay alone?

53. Or would they rather keep other people's company?

54. Do they even have other friends outside of the possibilities they'll meet in this game?

55. Or do they have a family?

56. Following the trend from the couple past Sonic Anniversary games (minus Generations), will this new character be playable?

57. If so, will they have their own point of view of the story (like the Dark story from Adventure or Silver's story from 06)?

58. Or if they're not playable, will they be a boss instead?

59. Or if not either of the past two questions, then will they assist Sonic in a boss in some way (kinda like Chip at the end of Unleashed)?

60. Would they be a recurring character?

61. Or are they meant to only be part of Project 2017's story?

62. If so, then why?

63. Or if they do become a recurring character, they what do they bring that makes them recurring?

64. How will this new character develop in the story and/or through out possible future games they might be part of?

65. How will this new character effect the Sonic franchise and/or the fans and community?

Bonus Question: Will this new character be enough to help people stop calling Project 2017 "Sonic Generations 2"? (I know there's a lot of similarities between these two games at this point, but we were told it wasn't a sequel so let's show them some respect and see what else there is. Please?) __________________________________________________________________________________________

Well, there you go! All 65 (or 66 I you count the last one) questions that I was able to think of about this new character. If you thought of any questions that weren't in this list, feel free to post them in the comments.

So goodnight, and have a nice day. :)