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May 4, 2012
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  • SilverPlays97


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  • SilverPlays97

    |3 & 4>>> For those who are not aware, I have returned to the wiki to use my editing skills; mainly by adding cat's to images and other maintenance edits. However, I plan to watch every Sonic Boom episode. For every episode I will make a blog about it sharing my thoughts and what I noticed.


    The episode begins with a chase scene (how original ). Sonic makes some good jokes and tails comes help him to stop eggman. Then comes a sene where tails uses some electo-rope-ray to help sonic knock out burn-bot (who does not burn things). We are never told what it is or how it works. I think i'll call it a 'Plot Device'. Burn-bot then gets a shot at tails and he crashes (and somehow survives).

    When he wakes up at Sonic's Hawaii getaway home, he te…

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  • SilverPlays97
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  • SilverPlays97

    Man, I have been here for 2 years. I can barely believe it myself.

    Like I did a year ago , I am going to give a complete rundown of what happened to me this past year. Allot did happen: The unexpected, the long anticipated, the big surprises, returns, leaves, and everything in between. Please, I want you to read all of this. It's not just a history of what happened to me on this wiki, but what happened on this wiki through my eyes. Lets begin where we left off:

    During February to mid may of 2013, SNN was in a strange, lonely state. There were not many new users, people where leaving (permanently or temporary), and the mood was quite bad. Early on I thought the root cause was the conflict between wikians and socailns, but looking back it was …

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  • SilverPlays97

    The votes are in, and here are your Emerald Awards winners for April 2014:

    • Administrator of the Month: Shadowunleashed13
    • Chat Moderator of the Month: MetalMickey272
    • Rollback of the Month: Ultrasonic9000
    • Editor of the Month: BlueSpeeder
    • Social User of the Month: Ultimate Silver Fan
    • Blog of the Month: SilverPlays97 (TF2 Kill-feed + Sonic)
    • Comic of the Month: The Shadow Of Darkness, MetalMickey272, SpyroSonic2000, Time Biter (Sonic vs. Muppets)
    • New User of the Month: Blazing Flare
    • Joker of the Month: Krazy Company

    As a reminder, it's never too late to give someone a Sol Award. Congratulations to all of our winners, and we will see you again in June!

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