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May 4, 2012
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  • SilverPlays97

    As one great year of Sonic ends, a new one begins! With that, many new ideas are being created here on SNN; with countless amounts of users willing to pitch in. Already this year, we have new rules, a new admin, and some new looks. Cap that all with the Emerald Awards and a new award, then you have a great month!

    Go here if you haven't seen the new changes.

    Here are this month's Emerald Award Nominees:

    This title is awarded to the Administrator who demonstrates Admin abilities the best, enforces and improves SNN's Polciy and actively helps the community with anything.

    Remember, It's never too late to give someone a Sol Award.

    Good luck to all of our Nominees! 01:06, January 25, 2015 (UTC)

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  • SilverPlays97

    That's right, I'm back to hosting the beloved, the hated, the renowned Emerald Awards! Voted by, Organized by, and for our users!

    • The awards promote competition among our users
    • I have said this before and I will say it again: The Emerald awards are here to award people for their efforts to make SNN the best wiki on everything Sonic. Why is it such a big deal that you don't get a userbox? Also, who actuality goes into every month saying 'I will do my best to get X award'? Little to no one. To raise another point what is wrong with a bit of competition? If it makes our wiki better for readers and the community then there is nothing wrong with it.
    • Same people get nominated/awarded
    • The same users get nominated because they worked just as hard as th…

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  • SilverPlays97

    This blog was created by me to express my felling about the events in the last two of weeks and to defend the beliefs of some users and the actions/rights of our admins

    It's been one of the hardest weeks for SNN admin team in quite some time.

    It seems rapid change was not the best thing to do for the SNN chat. With all the good things being done, it seems to be overshadowed by the tremendous amounts of backlash over small things; simple things that could of been solved easily. I am here to say what was good and what was the bad. Trust me when I say this week I have seen SNN at it's best and worst.

    First, I am glad no one has been demoted or left (as far as I know), because of this. Can we keep it that way please?

    Avoiding who created this woul…

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  • SilverPlays97


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  • SilverPlays97

    |3 & 4>>> For those who are not aware, I have returned to the wiki to use my editing skills; mainly by adding cat's to images and other maintenance edits. However, I plan to watch every Sonic Boom episode. For every episode I will make a blog about it sharing my thoughts and what I noticed.


    The episode begins with a chase scene (how original ). Sonic makes some good jokes and tails comes help him to stop eggman. Then comes a sene where tails uses some electo-rope-ray to help sonic knock out burn-bot (who does not burn things). We are never told what it is or how it works. I think i'll call it a 'Plot Device'. Burn-bot then gets a shot at tails and he crashes (and somehow survives).

    When he wakes up at Sonic's Hawaii getaway home, he te…

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