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    Tails shows the gang his newest invention as knucklehead and sticks play volleyball and amy reads a book for once and sonic takes a break. It translates any language (which is amazing), but when the language is English, it reveals it's true meaning. This causes some heated conversations with accusations such as sticks is crazy, knuckles is stupid, and SonAmy fans will never shut up for 5 seconds. Eggman sees this as a perfect way to ruin our friend's relationships (mwhahahaha). As tails is sleeping (with his goggles on, cute :3), eggman puts on a voice box to make the UT (the robot's name), hear the wrong thing.

    In the morning, tails tries to show off UT again, and this time it goes really bad. Eggman keeps saying insulting things and l…

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    |3 & 4>>> For those who are not aware, I have returned to the wiki to use my editing skills; mainly by adding cat's to images and other maintenance edits. However, I plan to watch every Sonic Boom episode. For every episode I will make a blog about it and sharing my thoughts and what I noticed.


    The episode begins with a chase scene (how original /sarcasm). Sonic makes some good jokes and tails comes help him. Then comes a part when tails uses some electo-rope-ray to help sonic knock out burn-bot (who does not burn things). We are never told what it is or how it works. I think i'll call it a 'Plot Device'. Burn-bot then gets a shot at tails and he crashes (and somehow survives).

    When he wakes up at Sonic's Hawaii getaway home, he tells …

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    Man, I have been here for 2 years. I can barely believe it myself.

    Like I did a year ago , I am going to give a complete rundown of what happened to me this past year. Allot did happen: The unexpected, the long anticipated, the big surprises, returns, leaves, and everything in between. Please, I want you to read all of this. It's not just a history of what happened to me on this wiki, but what happened on this wiki through my eyes. Lets begin where we left off:

    During February to mid may of 2013, SNN was in a strange, lonely state. There were not many new users, people where leaving (permanently or temporary), and the mood was quite bad. Early on I thought the root cause was the conflict between wikians and socailns, but looking back it was …

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    The votes are in, and here are your Emerald Awards winners for April 2014:

    • Administrator of the Month: Shadowunleashed13
    • Chat Moderator of the Month: MetalMickey272
    • Rollback of the Month: Ultrasonic9000
    • Editor of the Month: BlueSpeeder
    • Social User of the Month: Ultimate Silver Fan
    • Blog of the Month: SilverPlays97 (TF2 Kill-feed + Sonic)
    • Comic of the Month: The Shadow Of Darkness, MetalMickey272, SpyroSonic2000, Time Biter (Sonic vs. Muppets)
    • New User of the Month: Blazing Flare
    • Joker of the Month: Krazy Company

    As a reminder, it's never too late to give someone a Sol Award. Congratulations to all of our winners, and we will see you again in June!

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