Well i'm back; but i have to leave again on saturday for summer camp. I wish i was here longer...

...Oh this? This is something i made-up during vacation. Since we can post fan fiction now, might as well share it with you. Hope you enjoy!


One summer day Sonic and his friends went to splash hill zone to have a party In a local pool (Eggman had badnicks in the sea, so they went to the pool. Also, Sonic did not want to be chased by another orca any time soon). They arrived just an half hour before noon.

-Sonic: yo tails, could you catch up? You have been behind for most of this trip.

-Tails: sorry sonic, but you made carry all the pool stuff. Couldn't you make knuckles carry it? -Knuckles: Hey! I had to carry all the food and charcoal!

-Sonic: Come on, knucklehead. Can't you take the weight?

-Amy: Stop it you guys! The last thing I want to see today is you two bickering.

-Knuckles: grrr...

Finally they arrived at the gate to the pool. The only problem was it was locked.

-Shadow: Amy you said the pool was open.

-Amy: The website said it was. What day is it?

-Cream: It's Sunday ms.amy.

-Silver: *facepalm* you didn't check to see it was open on Sundays?

-Amy: What? You couldn't look into the future and see it was open?

-Shadow: ugh; I don't have time for this!

-Sonic: Shadow what are you doing?

-Shadow: I'm climbing the fence. What do you think I'm doing?

-Silver: You shouldn't be doing this...

-Shadow: Would you rather walk home?

The heroes shrugged and got over the fence. The group got out their swim gear and started to settle out.

-Tails: Hey Sonic? Do I look good in these trucks?

-Sonic (in the pool): you sure do pall! Who made it so your tails stick out?

-Amy ( on the tanning bed): that would be me. I can make one for you if you say you love me...

-Sonic: come on Amy, we have gone over this how many time now? There is no what that I am-

-Knuckles: CANNON BALL!

-Sonic: mother of mercy! *gets covered with water*

-knuckles: *comes out of the water* What's the matter hedgehog? A little water never hurt any one!

-Sonic: I'll make you eat those words! *Splashes knuckles*

-Knuckles: Wh-why you little-

-Cream: mr.sonic & knuckles can you please not splash? I don't like it when people do that...

-Sonic: ah where sorry cream. We never met to make you mad. Can you come in now?

-Cream: sure!

-Silver: *walking towards the pool* hey guys, having fun?

-Tails: woah! Those trunks look amazing!

-Sonic: yeah, are they glowing?

-Silver: yep. Only in the future you can find shorts like these!

-Tails: How do they do that? Chemical reactions, glowing placton, advanced light systems?

-Silver: like I said, only in the future you will know. *hovers over the pool and gradually lowers himself in* Ah, that fells nice.

-Sonic: hump, show off.

-Silver: no, this Is showing off: *telapathicly picks up a ball of water and drops it on Amy*

-*everyone laughs*

-Amy: grrrRrrrRR! *walks away in anger*

-Sonic: Hey shadow, aren't you going to join the fun?

-Shadow (on the tanning bed): I believe a better question would be why you are in there.

-Sonic: Well, it's only up to my knees, so I can manage.

-Shadow: meanwhile your two tailed friend is swimming 8 feet under water.

-Sonic: well, you can't be the best at everything.

-Shadow: except me.

Later, they finished grilling lunch; but it looks like shadow isn't done with his beauty sleep.

-Sonic: Hey guys, have you seen shadow eat?

-Tails: I told him lunch was ready. Do you think he is still on the tanning bed?

-Knuckles: He is, sleeping too!

-Sonic: Hey Knuckles! I have an idea. *walks slowly towards shadow*

-Knuckles (following Sonic): what are we-

-Sonic: sushhh! *sinkers*

-*picks up shadow's tanning bed*

-Sonic & Knuckles: 1, 2, 3! *throws shadow into the Pool*

-Shadow: *splashing in a panic* wh wha- you idiots!

-*sonic, tails, and knuckles laughing hysterically*

-Shadow: don't any of you know- (falls under the water for a bit)-that i can't swim!

-Sonic: why didn't any of you tell me!?!?

-Knuckles & Tails: We didn't know!!!

-Sonic: ah geze, I'll get him.*jumps in the water*

-Amy: ...did you get him?

-Sonic: I can't- (gets pushed underwater) -he keeps pushing me- (gets pushed underwater) -down!

-Cream: is there anyone who can help them?

-Silver (laying on the tanning bed): *pushes up sunglasses* Oh please... *picks up sonic and shadow from the water using his Telekinesis*


Yeah...: said the two wet hedgehogs.

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