Wow. It's been 1 year already? Still feels like February to me :P.

But avast, to the day, it's been 1 year on SNN for me. In that time i have done so much, it would be hard to summarize in 2 or 3 paragraphs, so i'm going all out. Here is a complete wiki history of me, SilverPlays97 (Wall) (Contributions).

Wiki History

Many people think that the first thing recorded about a user is his first edit to a page, but it's not. The user creation log keeps track of wikian users who have stopped by the wiki, or created an account on our wiki. So even just visiting can make a difference. Mine was created May 3, 20:53 wiki time, 2012. Here is the story of what happened since then:


Quotation1 Welcome to the Sonic News Network, SilverPlays97! Quotation2
Sonic News Network's default message welcoming me.

I vaguely remember why i joined this wiki. I have visited many times before to look-up Sonic-related information. One time, i noticed the recent wiki activity bar. It showed people's edits for viewers to see. I looked around for a bit. Since at the time i had a youtube channel that constantly posted videos, i thought this would be a great audience to attract. So one Thursday night i signed up for wikia..

One of my traits as a user is my user name. I came up with it by a simple pattern: Character, then an action, then a number (like SonicSays42). I chose Silver because he was my 2nd favorite character at the time (my 1st was Sonic, but i thought that would be too bland and unoriginal), the action was plays because of my love of video games, and 97 is my birth-year (1997).

My first edit was to my user page. Here it is:

Hello everyone in the world of Wikia!

I am SilverPlays97!

My YouTube page: [1]

New here so i don't know what i'm going to do. Maybe some technical editing, who knows!

Anyway, here are my top 5 Sonic the Hedgehog characters!

1: Sonic the Hedgehog (Who else?)

2: Silver the Hedgehog

3: Knuckles the Echidna

4: Miles "Tails" Prower

5: Espio the Chameleon

I then went on to make a blog about how i hate the game Sonic 06. Little did i know about how uncreative it was. I got 6 comments, which didn't matter to me at the time.

My 1st main-space edit was to Sonic & Knuckles. I added information about a level select code. Myself 123 then rolled it back. It must of been in the trivia. I hadn't noticed it was rolled back until recently. It's ironic.

An attempt to join the chat

Quotation1 We weren't yelling at you. We were pointing out you had only 9 mainspace, that's all. Trust me, no one thinks your an idiot through making a mistake. We all do. I made a lot of mistakes and today, I'm a Rollback. Don't feel stupid. Quotation2
Time Bitter cheering me up after i found out i was not available for chat yet.

For most of my life, i have been apart of anti-social groups and have grown an anti-social additude. For some reason, when i saw this wiki had a chat feature, i was motivated to join the talk. I would have to get some edits first.

I found a large-amount of artwork on the game Sonic & Knuckles Collection when i bought it from goodwill. I made a blog about it saying i will add those images to the page. I thought every image i added would get my main-space edit count up. I also started to make blogs about videos i have made. They didn't get much attention as i hoped. I also left messages on peoples talk pages asking for their friendship. Luckily, i got them. One of the 1st friends i had where Pit, SpyroSonic2000, and Speedy. All of them used the chat often.

On May 30th, i saw my edit count reach 100 edits; i thought i was ready for the chat. I was enthusiastic about it. I would be chatting with people that had same interests i did. I thought it would be delightful. When i got on the chat, 3 people said i did not have the right amount of edits. According to one user, i do not remember who, said i had 9 main-space edits. I was in shock and awe. In retaliation, i made a Blog stating how sad i was about it.

Users later told me I was over reacting, which is true. I guess the people on the chat telling me to leave felt like a "community rejection". People also said it was a common thing, which is also true. I keep my confidence up and was motivated to get on the chat.

Doing what's popular

For the mouth of June, i spent my time just looking around SNN and editing at will. I made blogs that seemed not to get much attention. I added the popular trend of Userboxes to my user page. I find them quite attractive and fun to make. In fact, i believe i have the largest collection of user boxes right now, which i'm proud of.

I found many blogs about comics around the wiki. The ones i looked at at the time where Mewkat's, metalshadow's, and best of all: Murphyshane. The first of his comics i read where "Sonic Anti-heroes!". I always found some type of enjoyment out of his comics. I have followed his comics ever since; and always make me smile.

In July I was looking at the SEGA blog and I discovered Sonic & Mega Man where going to have a cross-over! (in the Archies ._.) I made a blog about it and it attacked allot of users. In fact, it is still my most popular blog. It felt like the community did listen to me.

Becoming a wikian

Being the youtuber i was i looked up SNN on the youtube search. I found a few videos about the website but i also found a channel labeled "Sonic News Network". It only did 1 thing, and that was re-upload an episode of Hellfire-coms' Sonic and the Black Knight commentary (it sucks, BTW). I made a blog about it and the community said it never made a channel. based off their inchenchins, they weren't looking to make one. It was the first time i addressed a community, and it wasn't the last.

Sometime later i stumbled upon the site disscutions. This is actual changes that you can vote and state your opinion on. Something i thought was done by 1 guy. My 1st edit to a forum was on the site-name change. I voted ageist the name change. If that happened today, i would of vote for the change.

I discovered allot of things fast. I learned how to use templates, what talk pages are, and finding constructive edits. One of the things i discoved was how terrible the Voice Actor pages where. Small, no photo, and just looked bad. I am still, to this day, trying to get the VA pages to a level of quality that i can be happy with. It has been one of my many reputations here. People have thanked me for it, and that only motivates me to continue.

I would later learn most wiki's do not have VA pages and redirect to Wikipedia :/

Around this time i was officially available to come onto the chat. There i meet some people that are still with me today: SplashTheHedgehog, FreeSmudger, and Fly the Fox. I have to admit i have made my mistakes. I was kicked twice. That is the last time i got any punishment or block of any kind. Some users go through their history getting blocked several times and still amounting to things i have not or never will do on this wiki. I don't know whether i should be humble, or lucky.

Addressing a Community

Quotation1 SilverPlays97, you really should make a site discussion forum about this. Don't be nervous. Jump right in! Quotation2
Supermorff preswading me to make a site discussion about enemies lists.

One day I was looking at the community help section and i saw the uncategorized image list. It was HUGE! So many photos where in there and i saw it as a huge problem. I also saw it as an edit opportunity. I told people about it and posted it on my user page. I attracted some people to add some categories. It's still big today, though.

Occasionally, I will lurk around the wiki looking at user pages and old pages. One thing i found on some user pages where friends list. I have one and will always have one. It highlights some good people around here. Then, after the friends list was an enemy list. It usually just listed some vandals and blocked users. I believe saying a user is an enemy is an outright insult, which goes ageist our no personal attacks policy. I made a blog ranting about it. Many users who commented suggested i make site discussion; including the noble Supermorf. I made one about it in a lighter tone then my blog. The final vote was downright split, the most split i had ever seen SNN on a topic. Even though the legislation did not past, many users did remove their enemy's list from their user page. I felt confident in being a member of the community.

Meeting good friends & Competition

Quotation1 Hi Silver! I may be a little early/late (I don't know what the time is where you live), but I'm here to wish you an awesome birthday! Have a good one! Oh, and don't forget to announce the competition results. See ya! Quotation2
Le Solace wishing me a happy birthday.

Around this time, admiral pointed to me to the Request for user rights. I didn't know we could vote for people to gain or lose user rights at the time. It was cester's demotion. I remained neutral based off the fact i knew little about him.

Soon it was September; my birthday month. So from inspiration for Shadow of Darness's blog, i made a contest for my birthday. It attracted allot of user! I got many submissions, it made me very excited. On the blog Shadowunleashed13 made a submission. We talked on the chat and quickly became friends. I also supported his Comic. When the contest was over, unleashed placed 3rd. Many people wished me a happy birthday (including another good friend Le Solace). This was one of the best times for me.

Only a few days latter i reached 1000 edits. Once again i was swarmed with praise. Little did i know how high it would be now.

The revert brotherhood

One of the things I noticed on some people's user pages was they were a part of the W.O.C. This was a anti-vandal organization created by bullet. I was inspired by it to create a similar club: the revert brotherhood. I created a blog announcing the club. Bullet and other admins informed me the club broke the feeding the trolls policy. In fact, the W.O.C. Was disbanded. I was embarrassed by the response. I put of lot of work into it, and all for nothing.

Someone compared the club to the free masons.

A major page created

One of the things i do periodicity was look at the official SEGA blog. It usually announces updates to games and announcing games by SEGA. I have gotten many edits from it. One day, I looked at the blog site and saw an announcement for a new mobile game, Sonic Jump. I looked around SNN for a page, but there wasn't. All i found was the game before it. It was my chance to make a major page! I quickly made the page Sonic Jump (2012) and it quickly gained attention. Just look how it compared:

This is the point when i realized how much power 1 edit has. 1 edit can lead to tens, hundreds, maybe thousands of other edits. Never again would i hesitate to press the publish button.

A demotion

In mid-October i was looking though some inactive users with user rights, and i came across a blocked user i have actual seen before: Mewkat14. At the time i saw no reason why she shouldn't be striped of her rights. Luckily, bullet agreed and she was demoted. What i know now is mew used to be one of the most active users here on SNN. Nice, helpful, instructive, and involved where some words that described her. Many users liked Mew, and her block came as a huge surprise. I guess if i knew these things i wouldn't demote her.

Golden Era (from the outside)

Quotation1 Kagi, i don't know you very well. But i give my full sympathy for you. You are going through a low spot in your life; TBH i am to; but things will get better, they always do. No life is worth giving up. Hang in there. Quotation2
Me simpisicing on Kagimizu's Broken blog

As i said before i looked at the comics we have around here. Looking into it i found out how to make sprite comics. Wanting to join the fad i made one. Latter i came up with a series: Sonic X Over. It was a great idea for a comic. I announced it and it got loots of attention.

This begins an area on SNN i call the 'golden era'. This was just a great time for me. Making Comics that got great feedback, Be social by talking to my friends constantly, and making good progress on my VA project. From the outside, people could find nothing wrong with me. But in the real world, i was facing depression. My life was in a slump. I was overworked in school, my social life was a complete wreak, and the things i liked in my life where just not enjoyable. No one respected me about anything i did (even if it was for their benefit). Nobody cared about what i thought and often pushed me to the side. Sometimes i was just lost in the blue, felling more down then i ever had been. The only things that made me happy was my mom, music, my best friend, and here; SNN.

The lowest point was when i cried on Thanksgiving, and Christmas eve.

Barely Political

Quotation1 I know you're not promoted yet (not when I'm leaving this message), but congratulations on your promotion today! You deserved this, my friend. Have fun with the rollback button (I don't know how I ever managed without it); just be careful to know whether to rollback or undo an edit. Use these rights for the greater good of the wiki (oh dear, that doesn't sound like me at all); I know you'll handle it well! Quotation2
Shadowunleashed13 Congratulating me on my Rollback position.

Soon in December I noticed many of my close friends on SNN, Shadow, le, and blue, became rollbacks. I shared the right traits for the position and frequently undid edits. It was only natural for me to become one. I opened my nomination on the 1st day of the year. I notified people on their talk pages about my nomination (i do that allot when i try to get people's attention). The same day, another user Edsta desisted to run for the same position. I think he saw this nomination as a competition. He opposed my nomination at first, but then supported mine.

I won my rights 12-0 and Ed lost his 0-12.


Quotation1 This comic seems under-cooked... No offense but, I dunno? That character looks like Eevee and why are these 2 cutie-patooties fighting for anyways and what kind ignnorant of admin says Have fun being banned and do all admins have silly hats and robes and is this wiki based in Sonic 3's world? There's just to many variables here :O Quotation2
DiscoDuck on my comic Wiki Jokes

One thing that has always captivated me was Political Comics. The way the cartoonist portrays as serious issue is almost complete genuineness. Much of the time i could come up with ways to poke fun at SNN ideal's & Policies (I had done it before, actually). So i decided a comic about those subjects would get lots of attention, and they did. good and bad.

1st i made fun of Shipping, often being confused with real shipping. Then how the wiki doesn't allow role-plays (metalshaodw272 is not shadowfan727...). Then all the dumb Fan Characters, then Über complex coding, how much the wiki praises edit-counts, and finally the feudal act of edit-warring. This one got serious attention. Not only had many admins commented, SpyroSonic2000 thought these blogs broke multiple SNN polices (NPA, Non-Sonic Blogs...). Unleashed and Le said my comics where perfectly fine, and spyro apologized. This made things hot between me and spyro; which, amount of other things, lead to this:

The most regretful thing i ever did on Sonic News Network

Quotation1 I noticed on the user rights discussion you said you where against spyro's demotion from the start. Why didn't you tell me? If you said no i could find a way to manage it myself. You sound like your reputation as a user has been put down. If you fell that way i owe an apologie. I hope you understand i did not mean to hurt you. TBH i thought the only way to get spyro to change was to set-up a demotion. I was stupid. I hope you understand. Quotation2
Me apologizing to Le

I you want to know about it, look here:

and here

Goodbye Bullet

Things where back to normal after that. Editing and comics; that’s what i did. One thing was missing though, Bullet. Bullet Francisco, one of the premier admins here left the wiki in January. It came as a surprise to every user. His amount of influence has affected SNN forever. Bullet said he left because of lack of interest. Many users said their goodbyes, a sad thing to see.

Unleashed then attempted to become an admin in response, but did not have enough votes for him to become one. Most users stated they were neutral, which grew an issue about neutrality. I still think unleashed should be an admin today.


Quotation1 If it has something to do with how I love Disney, at least I'M trying to stop talking about it so I don't annoy the f**** out of everyone else. I'm trying to avoid anyone getting annoyed, angry, hateful, etc, which is the exact reason why I stopped being a brony: Because no one shut up about it, no one stopped praising it, and no matter what, they didn't care if someone was annoyed by it. They kept f****** blabbing and blabbing off about it. At least I care about other's feelings. At least I care about what others think. At least I'm TRYING TO F****** STOP TALKING ABOUT F****** DISNEY BECAUSE THEY DON'T GIVE A FLYING F*** ABOUT IT. Quotation2
Metal breaking down over being called a hypocrite

One day after i came back from a camp out i discovered MetalShadow272, one of the best chat mods at the time, was up for demotion. This came as a shock to me, because me and metal where good friends. Fly stated metal had been offending users behind their backs and had a major emotional break-down. This wasn't compelling enough to me, until he brought up text evidence. Still, to this day, i am not sure if the information was reliable. For all i know, fly could have made it all up. It was one-sided; metal left and cleared his user page when his demotion was up. He didn't put any input into it, making me rethink my opinion on him. It was very coward-like of him to do something like that; which is unusual for him. Metal was demoted 13-2.

I have tried since to push metal out of my head and my memories until he becomes that; a memory.

Carpe diem

I soon realized that this was a prime chance for me to become a chat-mod. I have seen many users who tried to become admins by just jumping from a rollback. With a chat-mod experience, i could be closer to becoming an admin in the future. I had never tried to become a chat mod because there was enough, until now.

The day metal was demoted i nominated myself for the position. I won 13-5. The funny thing was i was in South Carolina when it closed.

Modern Day

Quotation1 Why am I doing this? It's because, recently, I've become dismayed at the community and its ways. I've grown tired of its ideals and the general mood there: I don't like how many users are perpetually serious and stubborn, and it's making me miserable. I try to be laid-back in editing, while others obsess over sources and how "official" page names are, even though these are important. There are also too many users whom I have something against, be it their editing habits or attitudes, and I feel my relationships with them are wearing away as a result. There are a few administrators who are pathetic at their jobs, rarely doing anything useful and just adding to the surplus of administrators that has derailed several adminship requests. Quotation2
Le on his Hiatus

Recently, many users have left on hiatus. Mainly because of the general mood, disappointment, and overall negative aditude. The strange thing is we can not locate why this happened. This happened not by 1 thing, but by many. What Me & Sacor believe the problem is is a unbalanced amount of Wikian and Socialin ideas; leaning towards wikian. In order for our wiki to succeed in the future, we need to have a balance between the 2. Any unbalance causes issues like these. To learn more about what a wikian and socialin is, see Forum:Wikians Vs. Socialians.

True Friends

I consider everyone here a friend, even if i do not like them and hide it. There are just some users here i consider more than a friend; almost family.


While he was here me and pit where bros. We shared so many interest and talked all the time. I supported all he did around here and keep him up when he was down. I wish he was still here today so i could really get to know him.


This guy was just fun to talk to. Will was from Australia and he always had fun to say. Me and him shared our interest in TF2, and screwed around with it. While he was here he made some changes and was very involved, what every user needs to be.


Splash has been on the chat since day 1 i came on. He always just wants to share what he is doing and what he thinks about, well, everything. Mostly he known for being an artist and a rabid sonic fan. But when he needs to, he speaks his mind on what he wants done on SNN.


Although we have had our up's and downs, in the end, Spyro was the friend i needed. He is most likely the best chat mod on SNN; and can have a conversation with anyone, even someone i know he does not like. Spyro in the end is right about what he thinks, and i have the right mind set to know why he is right. He's the one that is going to be here from begaing to the end.


Supermorff is one of the oldest users here. With this he has allot of authority. Along with that he the highest edit count. He directed me to start getting involved in site disscustions, which i still do and always will do.

Bullet Francisco

Bullet is the most influential user in SNN history. There i said it. He has been around here for a very long time looking into all aspects of SNN and helping oput anyone who needs it. Bullet can change an argument's side very fast, due to his writing skills. Polite, efficient, and one of the best admins on SNN. I'm glad he has come back to SNN.


This user is a perfect example of a user who takes action. He has made so many pages he can't list them all! Cleaning up articles and raising the standard of articles. Unleashed can fool around and still take things very seriously. Plus his comics are superb.


Murph has known me through comics and has supported me through comics. We do not know each other personalty, but through comments on comic blogs we have established a great relationship. He hasn't made blogs as of late, but he will make more soon!


Blue just tries to edit whatever needs help. He loves the Archie comics with a passion, and that has been his edit-focus for a long time. He has been here longer then i have, but he's at a level he feels comfortable. Blue is proud of what he does here on SNN, and how can you like it here when you don't take pride in what you do?


This user is the full package: Admin, socialin, wikian, crazy, strict, sane, just all around awesome. Sacor has pushed me to be better than who i am, and continues to do what is necessary to make SNN a great place. We both love TF2, and pass a YTP quote now an then. I just haven't found a time i was ageist him

Le Solace

My best friend. Le is always some i can talk to about anything and i know he will lisson. He's from England, and likes to hear about what is America like. He tries to fit in the crazy internet crowd, but i know he is very moderate. Le helps those who need direction. When Le sees something wrong, he makes sure someone else know. Kind, Active, and i would pick him over me for an admin position. I just wish he wasn't on hiatus right now. Le and a small number of other people on here is someone i wish i could meet in real life (if this was a perfect world, of course).

What I want Users of SNN to do

Be Bold! Do something that is outside of your comfort zone. Make a comic, edit a template, figure out how to use an infobox, just something you don't see your self doing. The more you try things the more knowledge you will gain from it!

Be Fearless! If you see something you don't like, say something! Doing nothing will not change it, it only makes it worse! Make a Site discussion, ask a Question, contact an Admin; your words will not go unanswered i promise you. Unsure about an edit, publish it anyway! Someone my revert it or start talking about it on the talk page; spreeing more knowledge than never publishing it at all!

Be Amazing! If some one needs help, help them! If someone has a question you know the answer to, for gods sake answer it! If you see a page that has any problems, fix it; because guess what? It's not someone else's problem, it's your problem, and you will not rest until it is done. If you have that mindset, you will go so high you will fly.


So the end to one adventure,

A New Venture starts today.

It Doesn't Matter what happens next,

if i'm at the top or bottom,

Because in this world, i still know

I'm Burning Way Past Cool.