Sonic tells us about how wonderful his year has been! 2012overview

A few Words About the Year For Me

Looking back at the year, i started on a good note. I had just finished a 15,000 word book i had been working for 4 mouths (i realize now it's fan-fiction. maybe i should put it up on I had visited Washington D.C. with my 8th grade class (so far, 8th grade has been one of the best school years i had ever had). About 2 days after school was over, i went off to Holland, Michigan for my 2nd POE (pipe organ encounter, basically organ camp). There where some of the nicest people i have ever meet and i played some magnificent pipe organs.

After the summer i started my Freshman year with 2 honors classes (Physical Science into-grated honors, Freshman Humanities). I soon came to hate my English teacher and grow gratitude to my geometry class. I also joined the school's 'In The Know' team (We are undefeated starting the new year!). But the class i came to loathe is my jazz band class. I hated my new teacher, the kids there (most of them), and the crappy music we play. People started to treat me with great disrespect. It then donned on me how much my family doesn't respect the work i do. These thinks have pushed into a sudden depression.

But, what i have come to love to get on every day is the Sonic News Network. I never saw myself as a wikian before, but now i can say i am. I have meet some wonderful people here and have been praised for my work. I don't get this type of treatment everyday. TBH, i'm a loner. I'm the black sheep in this world; but i happy i have joined this herd.

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