Man, I have been here for 2 years. I can barely believe it myself.

Like I did a year ago , I am going to give a complete rundown of what happened to me this past year. Allot did happen: The unexpected, the long anticipated, the big surprises, returns, leaves, and everything in between. Please, I want you to read all of this. It's not just a history of what happened to me on this wiki, but what happened on this wiki through my eyes. Lets begin where we left off:

Wiki History: Year 2Edit

Seeds of changeEdit

Quotation1 We could also use more at such a time when new games are being announced and more traffic is being directed at the wiki. Shadowunleashed would help with the current administrative work and use the administrative rights to help him do everything he couldn't before. I am pleased to nominate this user for administrator. Quotation2
Bullet Francisco

During February to mid may of 2013, SNN was in a strange, lonely state. There were not many new users, people where leaving (permanently or temporary), and the mood was quite bad. Early on I thought the root cause was the conflict between wikians and socailns, but looking back it was more likely the wiki was behind in innovation and it was becoming quite apparent things had to change.

A catalyst for this was the sonic and megaman crossover . Me, Blue , and ultra where on top of it. I scanned comic pages when they came out and posted scenes online, along with other things. Me and blue enjoyed this series from beginning to end, and I am proud of the work I have done so others can be interested too. It is certainly one of the most enjoyable editing experiences I have had on SNN.

Though Worlds Collide got some attention, It was nothing compared to what came next. Just over 10 days after my wikivercery, Sonic Lost World was announced. A hole wave of new information was coming to SNN. With that would come new users, ideas, and conflicts. Some asked 'Is SNN ready for all this?'. One user didn't. Our friend Kyle , who returned to SNN after a formal leave, then nominated 2 new administrators, a new chat mod and rollback. He thought it was necessary for a larger user rights team to manage this new game. Everyone agreed, and thus two of my closest friends got user rights. Unleashed became an admin, 2 months after kyle said he shouldn't. Blue became a mod, lifting him from his troubles he had. More change was coming.

Ducks, Unregistered users, and The Emerald AwardsEdit

An old user, but a new user came back to the wiki. Disco brought his experience and new ideas to the wiki. Duck created excellent designs and was involved in our forums. When he was around, everyone around him was happy (he does have a good sense of humor). Then he announced a 7-month absence. He's back now, so let the good times roll ;)

One thing that annoyed was relevant to the wiki was anons. These where users who did not have registered accounts, but could still edit the wiki. Their accounts where random numbers and didn't have a user page. Most of them spammed the wiki, but there where a good few that contributed to the wiki. We would never hear from them again; wikia desisted to get rid of the anon program here to 'improve the community'. I guess they saw most of our blocked users where anons.

I heard every once in a while people not being appreciated for their work here; that all of what they have done was for nothing. I knew other wikis gave awards to their users (like stamps), so then I came up with the idea of the Emerald Awards . When it came out, people had mixed feelings about it. Some thought it would promote competition among users, some thought it would offend users and make them think they are not working hard. When I tried to make the awards official, nothing much changed. But ah well, I guess they didn't see it from my perspective. No one has ever told me to stop it, that's why I have been doing it for almost a year.

Blue the Admin, Part 1Edit

Quotation1 Bullet, this isn't your decision. I was the one who brought the Game Templates here. And you're bossing me around about something I worked hard on. I'm not happy with what's happening right now Quotation2

Once upon a time, BlueSpeeder wasn't an admin. Blue had tried several times to become an admin on SNN. Blue was lacking something, but he did not know that that something was. In case you didn't know, blue is up their with the greatest editors on SNN. He was as rabid of an editor as he is today. When he wasn't an admin, blue felt held-back from what he could do (he told me that).

Then he tired for the 3rd time to become admin, after only what seemed like a second as a chat mod. Personally, I did not vote on it because I was still unsure. Kyle did vote for him to become admin, and people followed him. So on a warm July day, blue became admin for the 1st time. For the time being, blue was doing fine as an admin. Deleting things, leading forums, and blocking vandals. But in good ol' SNN fashion: When it seems nothing can go wrong, something does.

Like the editor blue is, he comes up with great ideas to improved the wiki. One of these is the Game Templates . It was basically a 'next gen' nav box made specifically for navigating game pages. Originally, it was going to be his project alone, but then he desisted to get the community involved . This is where the trouble starts. You see, when you bring a project to the community, it is no longer your project but our project. Blue did not realize this. So when ultra and bullet wanted to change the look of the template, he got into a deep argument; one that he could not get out of without consequences.

Eventually, blue realized the monster he had created. He felt really bad about it. I remember telling him in the chat 'Now, don't go off and do something stupid'. He did. Blue asked bullet to remove his rights of admin. Later, his brother Mobias tried to help blue's argument (despite telling him not to). The admins thought he was a meat-puppet of blue, so he was blocked for a week. But before blue could explain the situation, he used his bot account to get on the wiki. This is considered sock-puppetry and he was blocked for a month.

To quote Drones, What melodrama.

It took me a while to fell the full weight of this news, mainly because i didn't understand it all. So, I talked to bullet about it since he banned him. He told me blue was ling and broke several polices and deserved his ban. Believing him, I was in shock. Blue is like a brother to me, and seeing this happen made me feel betrayed; that all my trust in him was gone. I thought this was the end of our friendship and thought his legacy was done, along with mine. Then kyle said something amazing:

Instead of fretting over your own legacy, perhaps you should create one

From then on, I let it go. Why in the world would I work myself over this silly happening? There are more important things to do than worry about every mistakes you have done. I knew things would be different, but what the matter. Everyone knew Blue would be back, and he would edit amazingly like he always has because that's the editor he is.

Much ado with user rightsEdit

Allot of user rights where taken and given to uses over the past year. Instead of going through every individually, I am going to list them all:

Shadow and Spyro became admins because of bullet's nomination (along with Blue being a chat mod, and MarioSonic being a rollback ). Glitch became chat mod. Disco tried to be an admin, but settled for rollback. Bullet became a bureaucrat, splash tired to demote me, and Blue became an admin (but you know that story). Metal became a chat mod (for the 3rd time in a row), I nominated Orb for Rollback, and he would become a chat mod thanks to bullet. Kagi got demoted from Admin (along with every inactive admin thanks to lapsing rights ), SonicDude became a chat mod when he returned, and CC also became a chat mod. I tired to become an admin, but we will talk about that later. Sacor became admin once again after removing it himself, Blue became a admin again (we will get to that), I tried to become admin (again), and spyro and free became bureaucrats.

Did you get that?

A New LookEdit

Quotation1 I understand that most of you don't want to accept changes, but hey, didn't we get over complaining the removal of Monaco? (Come on guys, you know you did) I too am nervous to change the wiki's look but I am ready ... Quotation2

Older users will like reading this part.

Remember when our background was this? When this was our forum? And when you had to have 100 edits (50 of them main-space) to be on the chat (I still remember that silly rule)? Ah, old times. You have to admit, our wiki looks 100% different from today.

I guess It started with our old friend Slug-Drones coming back. She used to be very active in the past, and now she is again. She made the forum New Look, suggesting some re-designs to this wiki's layout. One of them was to make our text background Navy Blue (not everyone liked it, so she removed it). Another was to update the background. I think we went through 3 until we reached the current one. The color behind the background also became red.

Drones didn't stop there. She created New Look Again that spreed more ideas. Duck came up with the new homepage buttons idea, but it would evolve with the help of other users like dude, orb, and splash. Are old buttons where made in 2011, along with the section headers (which where also changed by duck). More additions to the main page included the twitter feed (by bullet), news blogs (unleashed), and did you know (duck again). The last change was the section boxes introduced by mariosonic. We did our best to make the main page look smexy :3

Look wasn't the only thing that changed on SNN. Some old rules that limited social-life where removed, such as the under-edit rule. When this rule was in place, the chat rarely got above 10 people. Nowadays it gets up to 15 at some point during the day. I have seen it gone up to 21! Another rule was fanon blogs. Fanon about anything sonic was not allowed anywhere beyond userspace. That was removed to hopefully create more blogs. That happened along with anything videogame-related being posted.

Lastly, spyro introduced a forum layout that should of been implemented a long time ago. The message-forum wall it a great system that was implement as the new forum in September. You can now create forums from any page, all messages are organised by time of posting, and you get notified if a forum you are following is updated. I could only wish this type of system was in place when I 1st joined.

So, to all you new users who like our look: Your welcome.

An attempt to become an adminEdit

Quotation1 You are a good user, yes, but you are not better than anyone. I am not better than you, nor is anyone else. I do not want someone with such a skewed perspective such as that in an administrative position. I appreciate that you go you 'go above and beyond', but that is no reason to be an administrator. I also find it somewhat amusing that you think you "need admin rights to improve your editing". That's not a reason anyone should be seeking administrative rights for. Quotation2
Bullet Francisco

During September, I thought I had the time and experience to become and Admin on SNN. The last nomination I made was almost 6 months ago, so I needed help. I asked unleashed to nominate me-

See, this is when I start realizing why I did not become admin. I was missing the confidence from the beginning. I was hesitant in every move I made. Unleashed was hesitant too, he didn't agree to nominate me. Instead, I had to make a nomination and unleashed would go over it. It took a while to make my nomination, TBH I did have any points to work with besides what I wanted.

The week after my marching band season was over, I put up my nomination. Support was the majority, until...well...bullet came along. He opposed my nomination, but supporters was still firm. Then flare opposed stating I needed to improve with my current rights. That made me open my mouth. I told fly I was an active chat mod, then bullet jumped on me by saying I was seeking them for the wrong reasons and questioned why I seeking these rights in the first place. Then he made me say the word need, which then he stomped out any argument I could have done, because No one needs admin rights. I lost half my supporter after that. The funny part is some of the reasons bullet opposed my nomination where the same as the ones splashed used to try to demote me; which he opposed.

I did not have the argument skills that where up to the level bullet has. If he where still around today, I still couldn't have. I came to the conclusion I lost this nomination all because of him. I was so mad about everything, and I need to tell him that. I sent him a personal letter about how he controlled the wiki and how he made the wiki a hypocrisy, and he himself was a hypocrite. I told him not to respond, but he did anyway. Me and Kyle latter talked on Skype and resolved many things that where going between us. In that way I guess I could say I gained some respect for him.

What would happen next, changed what I thought of bullet forever.

A Collaborate effortEdit

One of the things I have always wanted to do on SNN was to make a comic with another user. I have tried several times before, but no one was willing. Then, Christmas came. I came up with the idea of making a 12 days of Christmas comic but with SNN thrown in; I knew i could do it by myself but I wanted someone to help me. I went to sacor about it. I told him I will write the script and he will make the comics. We will go back and forth posting them.

Sacor agreed, and the fun began. We had 3 comics done on the day the 1st came out. Still, sacor need more time for the later ones. 11 was delayed, and 12 was posted a week after the holiday. Despite that, it was still very enjoyable. Some of the jokes I made where altered or improved by sacor. He even mixed his style of comics with my jokes. That is what I think colabs should be. Where people can mix their own styles to create a great product. Thanks again sacor for colabing with me. If I could do it again, It would be without a time restraint.

The end of Bullet FranciscoEdit


Quotation1 I don’t know why I’m here anymore. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I really don’t even see a point. What am I trying to accomplish by continuing to be here? If I stay, people hate me. I don’t accomplish anything. If I do nothing, nothing changes. Things are constant. People continue in their ways of thinking. And if I leave? Perhaps that is my escape. But how selfish of me. Could I? I don’t know. Quotation2
Bullet Francisco

Do you still remember when kyle was here? When he was the most influential user, when he was always right, when he could basically do anything he wanted? I remember those times.

For the users that weren't there, Bullet was a 3-Year veteran of the wiki. He had achieved admin status and later became a bureaucrat. Kyle had a way to convince people and state what he thinked. He knew how to edit, had a sense of humor, and was all around an incredible guy.

Then one day he left. You remember? When he made a blog about it and thanked certain people in it for their time? That was in early 2013. I wasn't too sure why he left, but it wasn't for long. Bullet came back when sonic lost world was announced. He actually said he was only planing to leave for a while.

After a while, bullet seemed to change; not for the better. He became more narrow-minded in his actions, had more of a short temper, and wanted to be right all the time. Who could blame him? Bullet was the big man on SNN. He could say anything he wanted and (almost) everyone obeyed. Did he want it this way? He personally told me he didn't.

From an outsider looking in, it looked like kyle was just getting fed up with everything. He made a blog about people who had trouble with SNN and how it does things. This was strange because no recent events called for this blog. Did he know something we didn't, or was he just fuming?

Finally came his breaking point. One of our new users Krazy, who started out with a backhanded attitude, made a comment on his blog he didn't like, so he deleted it. Shadow thought it didn't make any sense, so he restored it. Bullet told unleashed admins could delete comments on their blogs and he could make a forum if he didn't agree. He did. Someone questioned bullets actions right in the open. Bullet removed his rights, removed himself from all admin-related pages, and posted a message on this user page.

On his page, he stated the reasons why he left, some narrow minded things about SNN, and called out some people who made him come to his decision. Depending on your perspective, you might see this as a revelation, a rant, lies, or a confession. It is quite the enigma.

His leave was shocking, but it was muted. People didn't want to talk about it, nor did they care to do so. There where some who where happy kyle left, while the majority where depressed by it. People started to speculate why he left and what drove him to that point. I got one thing to say about those users:


Do you want to know why kyle left? Read his user page. Do you think he is ling? If you are, you are losing the one thing bullet lost: Good faith. He started assuming the worst in people; thinking everyone was against him, in reality he was surrounded by friends. I know what it feels like when you think the world is against you. It's not pleasant. Do you you think this was done unto himself? Did you talk to him the days before he left? He was a ticking time bomb. Everything was driving him nuts. He said some things to me I dare not share. Do you think he is a terrible user, or person? Do you know what he has done? Bullet has built our wiki to have a strong policy, group of user right holders, and reputation for this place. Where would we be without him? And finally, do you even know kyle? Who he is or what he does? I know he is smart, very much. He can win any argument you put in front of him, even if he doesn't believe in it. He listens to people and cares about what they say. He is as good or better than you or me. I wish I could learn a thing or two from him.

Bullet is dead,

From wikia and the rest of the web

Kyle lives on,

Somewhere in in this vas world

Blue the Admin, Part 2Edit

Quotation1 I don't think a little incident that occurred 6 months ago is worthy of my attention while determining where I stand with you, especially since I don't hear too much about you in a negative way anyway. And you are a hard worker, dedicated and thorough a lot of the time. I think I'm willing to give you another shot with Administrator privileges. Quotation2

Blue was editing as usual. He did his own projects, was active on forums, and more social than ever. He had really grown from his old self. Then, he tried to become an admin again. Personally, I was unsure. So I opposed. When other people started voting, support became in his favor. Politics have indeed changed on SNN. We are more open to new things, even if we don't have full confidence in them. I removed my vote afterwords.

When blue was granted rights, I realized something. With bullet gone, SNN needed someone to fill up that empty hole he left. Blue was the person to be. I felt like I missed an opportunity, and was jealous of his rights. I told him that in a PM. Blue then told me he could nominate me for admin when the time was right. I was instantly relieved. I knew with blues help, me being an admin was completely possible.

We worked together on the nomination. We tried our best to make it as convincing as possible. Towards the nomination day, though, I started to have doubts. Those doubts became a reality as people started to vote. As I read through the opposes I realized something:

Why should I have admin rights?

I stated my reasons in my nomination, yes, but it was really just saying I wanted the convince of deleting things. I marked everything for deletion, and it eventually got deleted. What would change with an admin right? Spare a few seconds? Being an admin means much more than the rights that are given to you. It means you have a dedication to SNN above any level the regular user has done. You have shown yourself to be selfless in your actions and your will to help others. I did not have these yet, so I removed it. Besides, some of the best admins here did not become admin by nominating themselves.

New DramaEdit

As of late, new user have started to come onto the wiki that have gained allot of attention; in a bad way. They made comments that walked the line in-between joking, and upright insulting. We have had users like this before, but they where not as loud and changed. This has resulted in the attitude of SNN a bit more lose; weather that is a good thing is up to you. I see for users like these we keep on giving them 2nd chances. It works sometimes, but mostly it doesn't.

It also seems people are more open to their feelings and what they want to think. This can be a good thing because it shows how supportive of a community we are and creates more involvement. This can also be bad because users can be banned for NPA, and admins can get confused on what a personal attack is.

Anyway I see it, SNN will still be the best wiki for Sonic.

The Other ThingEdit

Okay, before I tell you this, I want you to listen to my favorite song ever:

Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

Listening? Good.

There are allot of things coming up in my life. Things that require my time and mind. Here are some of them:

I am taking an AP class next year. I want to be very successful in it. I will study hard, come to any study sessions my teacher may offer, and take practice tests. I might also become a drum major next year. This would rewire more time with marching band than I already put into band every fall. I want to go to college when I am done with high school. I will have to visit the schools and send in applications. I also need scholarships (my family is large and poor).

I am going on a Pie Organ camp in Indianapolis this summer. I want to be an organist when I grow up. In order for that to happen I need to practice at an organ more. I can do this now because I can drive. I want to play during services and at more concerts/recitals.

I want to be an Eagle Scout. The highest rank in Boy Scouts of America. In order for that to happen, I need to finish 6 more merit badges, hold a leadership possession, and create a projects that benefits my community. I plan to run for the highest leadership positions this month. I also want to go on adventure bases, the pinnacle of scouting. I need to train myself for the challenges me and my group will face.

When I have free time, I want to relax myself by playing video games or watching TV or reading.

I had to ask myself, can I be on Sonic News Network during all of this?


I can not. I must leave until I can. From this Thursday on (the day of the week I joined SNN), I will be on an indefinite sabbatical. It may be months, years, or never again when I will be truly active here on SNN.
I have some advice for some users who I know well and who I have been moved by:
Shadowunleashed: Keep doing what you are doing. Take good care of the emerald awards, ask me questions on steam if you need help. Don't let emotions blind your actions.
Blue: Keep editing like the way you do. You have so much more potential left for this place. Don't let anything here stray you away.
Sacor: Don't stop being the guy you are. You always find a way to lighten up the mood. Remember to be serous when you need to.
Murphy: Keep entertaining people. It's what you do best.
NJ: Be the man you want to be. You can do anything and work to anything as long you put your effort on it.
Ultra: Keep inspiring the next generation of editors.
Le: Stay beautiful my english friend.
Metal: Don't stop chasing your dreams.
Krazy: Stop chasing Toxice. It's not going to happen. but stay your smexy self
Toxice: Don't let Krazy chase after you. You are very smart and can accomplish many things. Do what you know is best.
Duck: Don't stop making good Ideas.
Kyle: If you are reading this, don't stop being you. Truly, there is no one like you.
I know for some of you this is hard to accept; But it is much more hard for me. I feel selfish because I am doing this for myself. I will never meet people like you ever again online. You have touched my heart, and helped make who I am. Most of all, you where there fore me. That is the greatest thing I could ever ask for.

And so,Edit

Goodbye everyone,

for now I could say

I wish the best for you,

as you wished for me

If there is one ting I know for sure,

is that I had fun

Goodbye SNN,

remember who I was.