Today i reached 7,000 edits. Most people would be happy about it, but i am worried. You see, 7 is my unlucky number. Allot of bad things happened to me because of that number. I stayed in a cabin number 7 once, and i almost got hypothermia. I broke my chin open on February 7th when i was 3. Countless number of times i got a bad prater or a bad project at school because i got to chose 7th. When i was moving rose bushes, i got a scar on my wrist that was in the shape of a 7. It's still there to remind me of that evil number.

Because of this i think i am going to do something horrible on here or something horrible is going to happen to me in these next 1,000 edits. Call me superstitious, but i think it's gonna happen. *shudders*