Mario and Amy Sochi 2014

The most bountiful and romantic relationship to happen in the Sonic-Mario verse began at the Sochi Olympic games (yes, they are cannon). Although mario and amy have meet before, they never where intimate with each other. At the Sochi winter Olympics, a computer randomly put mario and amy as a pair in pair figure scatting. When the pair got on the rink, they looked directly at each other and saw a sparkle in each others eyes. Magic was in the air. They flew across the ice like swans in a lake; twas then amy saw mario as a true man, and mario saw amy as a true majestic women. When their act was over, mario hold amy by one hand and kissed her, warmingly. Amy and Mario won gold for their performance; they kissed again during the awards ceremony.

After a month of dating, mario and amy decided to get married. They where married on the most beautiful hill in the mushroom kingdom (the computer that chose them was the best man). Even the blades of grass where overwhelmed with the joy of that day. During the reception, Sonic made a toast about amy and princess peach are both pink. Peach then tackled Sonic and beat him with her healed shoe. Shadow then dragged peach out of the ball room. Mario and Amy went on a royal class plane to a resort at seaside hill.

unfortunately, we are reaching the tragedy of this harmonic relationship. One day while mario and amy where bathing in the sun, discussing what heath insurance they should get, Bower and his evil copa army appeared out of nowhere abord a giant airship. "私はピンクレディーを殺すためにここにいる!" said bowser and he pulled out a lazor gun and shot peach's head off (Goku and Gohan wished her back with the dragon balls later on). "私はあなたに悪亀人を破壊します!" said mario. Mario then ate a Mega Mushroom and a Starman at the same time. He punched bowser's ship with all his might. This caused mario and bowser to be teleported to an alternate universe and then...

High Quality Hotel Mario Intro00:50

High Quality Hotel Mario Intro

I hate shipping, so much.